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Why did i stop playing this?

Just started up chrono trigger again and i cant remember why i stopped playing this. Was it work? School? Or other big games? This games holds up so well and i cant wait to finish it for the first time.

Cult classics

Its been awhile since i used my account so to start things off again i wanted to talk about some cult classics. What makes a cult classic? is it poor quiality, low sles, or just how wierd it is? I think cult classics are a bit of all those. I just got done listening to a gameinformer podcast (59) to be exact, and it got me thinking of the ones i love. Sure they listed off some really good ones like deadly premonition, EDF, and ico, but i just wanted to talk about some of the onesi loved and when your donereading this tellme some of your favorite cult classics.

I just got through playing Nier and quite enjoyed it and i just have thisfeeling that in due time it will be apart of this cult classic list so im throwing it in here. But this biggest one for me that gameinformer missed is Phantom Dust. This game was a budget title, and i could not belive how great it wasfor the low cost of admission. It had an engrossing story, amazing graphic and sound design, and had gameplay that to this day has not been seen. And ive never really heard anyone aside from my few hardcore gamer friends who i reccomended it to, ever talk about itor even know of its existance. Any of you who have an xbox, or an xbox 360 should check this classic out if they can find it.

And im just gonna go down the rest of the list to save you guys sometime.

Oddworld Strangers Wraith

Break Down

God Hand

Custom Robo

And even Suikoden an old RPG Juggernaut now feels like a cult classic

All of these games are outstanding and for some reason the fell by the wayside and none gave em a chance. So check out these games on gamespot and maybe pick em up you wont regret it.

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Greatest Hits editions are BS

Greatest Hits editions of games are useless, they could just as easily slap a small sticker on the game stating its a greatest hit. Instead we have to suffer fromugly looking cases andI havenever understood why they have to take up sooo much of the case and in such a bright color. The worst ive seen in the new xbox 360 greatest hits titles. A few months back i went looking for a copy of bioshock and thats when i saw the ugly green/silver case that almost takes up the whole cover! And its not just the xbox,all of the consoles do it since the PS (i think).You never saw this with cartrage games and that just makes me wonder why now? Lets just hope with the next line of consoles we wont have to put up it.