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That was a pretty thoughtful question! How many times have you played Xenogears?
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Grahf would not kill Elly since he knew she was the "perfect" reincarnation of Miang.
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I currently am on my ~10th play-through and I've come to appreciate many things that I didn't notice 15 years ago. I even found some short scenes that I had never seen before (talk about replay value!!) Here are the few aspects that make Xenogears a time-less masterpiece for me: - Visual Style, Graphics & Cinematic Effects So many vibrant colors and memorable locations! The fully-rotatable camera helps deliver the feeling of being in the game. The cinematography is fantastic. It feels like a very visual story on the PlayStation and always feels fluid and animé-like with a dark and menacing vibe with so many camera angles, zooming in/out, fading, panning, rotating and tracking. The low quality graphics make everything look like Impressionism art which adds to the innovative visual potential of the gamer's experience. - Sounds & Music This time around is my first play-through with the Wide Stereo option turned on with a proper 5.1 setup around my living room. If you haven't played Xenogears with this kind of setup, you are missing out BIG TIME!! Sounds such as waterfalls and the humming of computer hardware follow your movements around the room; it sounds very detailed and alive. Deathblow and gear sounds that we always loved sound so much fuller and richer, and the music is just enhanced that much more.
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I'd like ask the people who have played this game over the years: What is it that makes you play Xenogears even to this day?