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havent been on in a while...

First of all, why didnt that typhoon hit okinawa (where i live). I really meant it to be hit.

Second, People who post on my profile are the coolest people i know XD

Thrid, i dont know wats third!! lol

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The Good in life (Mine) =D

Man, since i've been in japan, things aren't bad. things here are actually great. Kind of miss the states though.

but anyway, the transtion from the states was easy. So many things, scuba diving is really the most fun because u find so many new things.

then i got an ipod nano cause i got honor roll.

and finally, I'm going out with a girl. Been kissed... cheek, lips, ...mouth.WHAT! =D


Guess Who??

I'm coming back to GS, now.

First off, u should look at my Videos that I made and uploaded to youtube.

My youtube: Maelstorm7

Second, I'll Make another banner and icon so i'm not so dark so more.

Thrid, Message and comment me at will.

The Light Ahead...

I have to say it has been awhile, but it`ll stay awhile. I am leaving GS. Just like MrsNintendo and Spade_Crisis, good bye.........