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Next game i should buy ?

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wELL my colletion for the PS3 my only gaming console is :

Little Big Planet 

 Metal Gear Solid 4

Grand Theft Auto 4 

Call of Duty 4 



Guitar Hero 3 




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Hey, I've been playing some game battles with my new team Front Line Assembly on Warhawk and we were kicking some asses... We are ranked 5th and our goal is to win the championship. I have made a Call of Duty 4 clan and i was recruiting so very good people to start playing. Also, i was looking for Grand Theeft Auto 4 friends to make up a clan...

Secondly, I bought SOCOM : Confrontation before GameSpot and IGN reviewed it. First time, i tought that the game was a very good one, but trying to get some action going on I've wasted 20 minutes of my precious time to play a game, I've played and i got killed in the first 10 seconds and after that I had to wait 10 minutes to view the others playing cause it was a no-respawn mode game... :@ f**k that i quited the game and i start playing some Warhawk to kick some real asses.

Yeah IM BACK AGAIN and see you real SOON !

PS3 2.40 firmware details

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While Sony has confirmed the inclusion of an in-game XMB (cross media bar), the rest of the 2.40 update was a bit cloudy.

But now, CVG claims to have the final list of features that make up the much-anticipated upgrade. In addition to the XMB, version 2.40 will feature a trophy system that will let compatible games track your progress, similar to the Xbox 360 Achievements. Instead of a score, you earn different level trophies as you progress.

According to the site, you'll be able to access the following features via the XMB during gameplay. But be warned: some games may not support this feature.

  • Friend category
  • View, send, receive messages
  • Manage downloads
  • Set the vibration feature of the controller
  • Sign in to PlayStation Network
  • Register friends
  • Manage Bluetooth devices
  • Terminate the game
  • Music category
  • Use the system BGM
  • Work the system BGM operation panel
  • Settings category
  • Assign controllers
  • View profiles
  • Game category
  • Set audio devices
  • Use the voice changer

Sup, I'm back

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Hey what's going on guys ?

In those 2 months I didn't look into ee my profile, I got 4 new games : Metal Gear Solid 4 , Grande Theft Auto IV, SingStar and finally Guitar Hero 3

I finished MGS4 in normal mode and i thought it was one the best game of the year and maybe the best game that i ever play, especially the storyline was amazing even if I never played a mgs game before. I doesn't bother me at all : the cutscene... they were really cool, it's like 2-1: playing a the best game in the world and see the best game in the world for only 60$... A 10/10

Guitar Hero 3 : Well an amazing game for party time. An incredible soundtrack with very awesome songs : The Killers , The Rolling Stones, Drangon Force with this imposible song : Through the Fire and Flames... I give all my respect to the players who finish it in expert mode, it's really really AMAZING and IMPOSIBLE, well nothing new from the last installation, but the graphics are better ( PS3 man..... ) and that's kind of all oh yeah online mode with new songs to buy... A 8,5/10

Grand Theft Auto 4 : What we have to say about a GTA game, GTA 3 , VC and San Andreas were my favorite games of all time. But the transition to the next gen will be better to the game or not ? The answear is yes : The graphics are UNBELIEVABLE .... the city is huge, ONLINE MULTIPLAYER, the non-linear storylione and the new shooting techinques are very cool. IT's surly the best GTA game but it's not revolution but 100 % an evolution !!!! A 9,5/10

SingStar : like guitar hero 3 : nothing is new from the last installation, there are new cool songs like : All the Small things - Blink 182 and many more... if you like to sing and like music this is a must-buy... there ae some little cons in this game : you can't play online versus... and there are like no songs in HD.... :( anyway, it's A 8/10

So you .... whats going on ? ...

GTA IV is coming

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Yea, Thursday.... 29 that's in 3 days, wow :P. And IGN gave it the ultime socre ... 10, woow that amazing. So you would get it ? I would certainly buy it if is in stock ;) so if you want to buy it and you live in Montreal, don't buy this game thursday :P ok

Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare

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Yesterday, i bought the " Interactive : Video Game Industry Award" game of the year Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare. I enjoy every Call of Duty games up date. And this one, did make an exception. Up to date, I enjoy every moment in the single-player campaign of the game ! Very GOOD GAME Overall !!!

Video Review of Warhawk

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I'm working on a video review of warhawk ! so maybe, i would upgrade it tomorrow ! (Edit) nope. i have to make a big delay to the original becuase my cam is broke, so maybe for the next week/ 2 weeks !

-Vlaad, TheBladeX

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