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Vitting#2660 Go nuts
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im an old school gamer, I love deep RPG's based on tactics/party, not these action-rpgs with 3-4 skills.


that beeing said I didn't play skyrim or dark souls yet. from what I understand skyrim is a watered down version of oblivion which is watered down morrowind( which I love). I thought i'd wait some years for lots of mods for skyrim and then play it.


dark souls I heard it's hardcore and stuff but is it really? or is it one of those games where u do 1% dmg per hit to a boss, and a fight just means you need to "grind" him slowly while repeating the same stuff over and over again. which doesn't take much skill, just mental stamina.


I'm the type who couldn't stand fallout 3 but loved fallout new vegas.


So am I right about these games? I'd like an opinion of someone born before 1990 pls

Dark souls isn't about slowly grinding a boss down, it's more of a 'learn to see attack patterns/animations' and to simply not go for the last hit that'd kill a boss but to stick to the tactics that you have to invent by yourself based upon what you can see the boss doing. Hardcore? Meh, it's something you grow into. At the beginning a slave can kill you, and as it is for me now I play the NG+4 at level 1
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Do not get Demon Souls, it is EXTREMELY hard. Died by a 1 hit blow from the first boss, and spent the rest of the day trying to get back to life by killing Demons. Never made it back. I got so frustrated so I just quit. fnevaeva
Do get Demons souls, and Dark souls as well when you're at it. By far the two most longlived RPG games I've ever played. Whilst it indeed is hard, it gets easier when you learn how to move and which weapons that work against what kind of enemies. Dark souls being the more "upgraded" version is nicer to your eyes. Otherwise, the whole FF series? There's _always_ something to do in the FF games
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Does it have to be a PC game?
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Dark Souls is more a game for people with a feel for "overcome and achieve". No bullshit, no amazing story dialogue (unless you actually sit down and read the theories and dialogues, then they're awesome), whilst Skyrim is a RPG that gives you the massive story events and discovery thingies. Two very different games that really shouldn't be compared. Personal fave is Dark Sould, mainly 'cuz I love the challenge and the fighting. Would be great to merge the games, DS combat in Skyrim. Oh man.
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Hard to answer without spoiling stuff. Lets just say, have you gotten to answer "Yes" or "No" to someone recently? :D
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Horde, and yes please. Been so bored I might die