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I`m posting this blog post to let everyone know that I`ll be busy for a while, my exams are coming up and I wont get time to come online. But whenever I have time I`ll go online and post in all the unions I`m Officer/leader in.

P.S. Tommorrow I`ll be aloud to use the computer so I`ll post then

I got robbed

I have some good news and some bad news. First the good news, I have reached Level 20 and passed 5000 posts. I almost have 10000 posts. Also I now have over 100 friends.:) Now the bad news, my Ipod broke a month ago and I am trying to get enough money to buy a new one. I collected $50 and placed them in my school locker. Then when I came back I noticed my money was gone. Then I asked my locker partner, he said someguy was looking at it, he told me you gave him permission to check it out. My locker partner also told me his name was Joe(Thats not the guys real name). After 2 weeks my locker partner comes up to me and tells me the guy he saw in my locker. The next day I go meet him with my locker partner. Then he said okay I was in your locker but I never took anything. Thats when I punch him in his stomach 2-3 times, and hold him buy the neck, Then he admited that he stole it and told me he`ll give it back the next day. The next day I find out I`m suspended, then after school I punch him in the face hard( I was mad at him). 2 days after that(My suspension only lasted 3 days since he had a record of starting fights) I beat him up again until he says sorry and gives me $30. (I put money in my locker because that day I sold some of my old games to my friends)

Another Emblem and Im Back from Suspention

Yay I got another Emblem Now I have 7 Emblems and Im starting My second row of Emblems soon.:):) I also Hope to Get 4000 posts by tommorow and Get The Tagger King Emblem By the end of 2006. Also I was suspended for 3 days so sorry I couldnt post in the unions that Im a officer/Leader In. I will now Post Tommorrow In Every Single Union That im a mod in. Also I created a new union Called the ChatterBox Union. And whoever Comments on my blog first Gets to Be officer In my Union.

See ya!

PS: Click Here to join the Chatterbox Union
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New Emblem

I got a new emblem the "Popular emblem"........... Finally for 2 months ive been trying to get this emblem and now I finnaly have it.:D

I just took a Fanboy Test

I just took a Fanboy Test and here are the results. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nintendo Fanboy: 65% Sony Fanboy: 41% Microsoft Fanboy: 33% This means you're: Nintendo #1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What does it mean? You are a gamer, since you like all the systems, but Nintendo is your weapon of choice. But you don't show disdain for any system. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
If you would like to take a Fanboy test go to the Following Link:

3000 posts!!!!

On April 16th, 2006,at 12:58am, I Virus3000, hit 3000 posts. I knew it could be done, & I did it. Thank-you! Next month I hope to get 4000 posts.

3 new emblems in one day

I woke up this morning and I checked my profile and noticed that I got 3 new emblems PC aficionado, Serious collector and Old -School gamer. All in one day.:D
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