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Its The End of The World As We Know It

Anybody like that song? :P But yeah, two days ago was the 'apocalypse' and I went to a place called Hocking Hills to hike. And there were some people under a cliff who were playing drums to "scare away spirirts." You could hear it from a mile away because it was echoing off the hills. Also, May 14th was my birthday, so I am now 23. Other than that, i am enjoying my summer. I got my bachelor's degree and graduated from Cleveland State University. Now I have to attend 2 and a half years of veterinary medicine school in order to get my liscense. Yay. Most of my friends have graduated. So yeah, Just a quick little blog... cya


Ossama Bin Laden is DEAD!

Okay guys, so basically I could not post anywhere for months because FailSpot is gay like that. At first I could post in unions, but then it started to happen there too so yeah. So yeah. Ossam's dead. I'm sorry Walid. I came to his house with a shotgun and said "SUPRISE B*TCH" and blew his head off. That is all.


Something I want to rant about...

Some of you may be aware of a new zombie game coming out called Dead Island. I've been a fan of zombie games for a while now and I am aware of its incredible violence. Techland, the producers of Dead Island released a teaser trailer a few days ago. It's the violence and the disturbing thing that happens in this teaser trailer that disturbs me. Before I go on about it too much more here's a link: is the rewound form of the trailer. The original trailer is in reverse order for dramatic effect. This way, you can understand what is happening better)

Assuming that you watched it... Ummm... Yeah...

A f*cking little girl? Really? I understand it's just a video game, but my God. Does she have to turn into a zombie and then get thrown out a window? I understand that sh*t like this happens in movies but it's kind of ridiculous. I'm not usually this kind of person to get pissed over video game violence. The thing is, that kids are 1. Too scared to go to a rated R movie, unless it's just comedy or 2. Their parents won't allow them. But for some reason, in video games parents are like "Oh look a rated M zombie game. Here ya' go Jimmy!" The thing that scares me the most, is kids like violence. They think that the more violence there is, the better. I know this doesn't go for all kids, some are quite mature for their age but most kids 14 or under aren't. Now if you've had any experience with youtube and have ever read the comment section on a popular video, you know that the average age of a youtuber is like 12... I've been reading the comments on some of these videos for the Dead Island Trailer and kids are excited about this! One even said "lol im glad they're showing wat would probably happen in an actual zombie apocalypse"

And kids think this because of all the violence in media and entertainment. Kids are knowing about sex at the age of 8. 13 year olds are getting pregnant! Why? Because of T.V. shows and movies and stupid parents allowing them to watch it! Now, they're showing little girl getting killed by zombies in VIDEO GAMES! Great! Now I know that any kid who isn't semi-reatrded would kill a little girl or something, butI just hate that this generation is getting exposed to so much violence. And I'm not even in my 30's. I'm 22 and I think this. Now I wouldn't have a problem with this if parents wouldn't allow them to play this. I don't care if teenagers do, because at that point they are definitely mature enough.

God, I'm more worked up about this than the slaughtering of the citizens in the airport in MW2. Maybe I'm over-reacting, but what is your opinion on this?


Oh look it's my 1st anniversery with GameSpot!

I got on and I happened to look at the date that I made my account... :) So yeah, I really don't know what to write about. I guess i need to do something kinda special.

I guess I'll look back on my past with GS... Wait, what's happening? A flashback?

I joined this site mainly for updates on games that I was excited about. After a while, I grown to really like the forums and I really liked to read other people's blogs. ThusI met my first "e-buddy" on GS, Virtual_terrorist. I mean Virtual_nathan. For reasons that I can't remember we exchanged e-mails on yahoo and we began to have these yahoo chats... Every thing happened there from world war 3 to an arabic teenager jumping out of a two-story window to escape from a principal.

i started to get into blogging myself and I just had fun with it and created randomness. :P Same thing I still do. From about April to June i disappeared. :o Dunno why, I just didn't want to go on GS... Then there was the summer which was the time I was most active here. Also, Nintendo Core central was started by personeyperson and I became an officer in it. Once college started back again, I got on GS less and less. Nothing really special happened there. And no highlights until now... Maybe I just suck at summarizing time periods. :P

I don't care if this pisses anybody off, but I've always wanted to do this:

Top Five Enemies On GameSpot

1. EGO - You mess with Walid you mess with me. Yes, he is the terrorist that will trigger the end of the world, you religious freak! oh wait

2. Bioshockraptor - This guy's just a douche bag...

3. Dyllan11 - Again, a douche bag... Thank god he's banned...

4. Dudersaper - Can't remember what I said but it sure did piss him off! He's hated me ever since. Love you too buddy!

5. GubuEx - Your political opinions suck! I'm tired of arguing with you! xD

None of these guys even follow my blogs anyways. I actually have nothing against GabuEx, it's just everytime I speak my opinion, he disagrees. :P See you guys later! Peace!


Rescue Ranger

I've leveled up. Haven't leveled up on GS for a while, mainly due to me not being on it. Anywho, this level is based on

*stops typing blog and googles it*

*does not find anything video game related*

*searches for it on GS but can't find anything*

Huh, can't find anything lol. If anybody knows tell me. :)


Oh shnap. I've been tagged (5 mistakes ever made in video games)

I've been tagged by FunRat. I know I'm a little late, but forgive me. :P The idea of this is to list 5 mistakes you've made in video games in no particular order.

1. Remember the old NES Super Mario Bros? Remember how it was you lose all your lives and it's gameover? I was around 9 years old and this is the furthest I've ever gotten in the game. It was world 8 and something. I had one life left. I think i was talking to my Dad and then I died in the most pathetic way possible in mario. I ran straight into a goomba.

2. Thinking I had to pay for a PSN account and trying to figure out how to pay.

3. Playing AC2 for two hours and forgetting to save.

4. Accidently crushing my Red Dead Redemption disc.

5. Buying BBC2



VirtualWalid S-u-c-k-s (s-u-c-k-s is censored)

Okay, I'm bored. :P

Anyways, I was playing Black Ops with VirtualWalid yesterday. He's Virtual_nathan on GS. We were both in a public match. First one was Team Deathmatch on Cracked. The enemy team really sucked. I got 33-14 and Walid got like 5-17 or something like that. :P After that it was a TDM on WMD. I only got a 14-7 and Walid did a little better, but still went negative. then there was a TDM on Jungle and I got like 12-14 while he went positive with 20some kills. He even got on the final killcam. Oh, and we had a TDM on Radiation, but the connection was interrupted. i was pwning these 3 campers who found a new camping spot every time. They REALLY sucked. :P At one point, I was rushing and Walid used me as bait. xD We all do that to our team mates though once in a while right guys? :P

Anywho, pointless blog. Yay


PS3 is fixed but...

For some God damn reason unknown to man, probably caused by witch craft, my PS3 ID was deleted. So, I made a new one. That really sucked, cuz that meant I'd have to make a new one and start all the way over on Black Ops, and other games online. Anywho, my new PSN is ThatOneWeirdGuy. A little less awesomer than Mr_BEASTLY. :P

Also, happy New Years. Right now, it's New Years Eve. So yeah. I have absolutely nothing else to say, so good day to you all.

EDIT: Errr, I mean good night to you all.


My Christmas, Activision Sues EA, and some other random crap

Hai guys, I'm back.

Okay, my Christmas was pretty good. Me and Santa got into an epic duel on Christmas Eve. Burned the fat bastard's beard off. santa still left me some goodies, though. Probably in fear that I would hunt him down. Any who, i got a very good gift from my dad. It was a toaster. I already had one but it couldn't burn toast if I left it in there all day. i tried out my new one today, and it cooked my pop-tart. I can finally enjoy a pop-tart that isn't cold once again! I got 1 video game this year. It's called MAG. It's a multi-player only first person shooter exclusive to the PS3. Stupid people who are supposed to fix my PS3. At this rate, it won't shipped back to me until January. Blarg.I also got a two sweat shirts and a couple gift cards. So yeah.

Yes, in case you haven't already heard about this, Activision sued EA. You know how Activision fired the CEO of Infinity Award? (Now Respond Entertainment) Well, when you're fired from a company you have to sign a document that states you did not take anything from the company with you. He refused to sign the document. Now he went over to EA and EA is trying to get the codes for COD out of him. He and Ea are trying to make a first-person-shooter franchise that will be so great, it will destroy call of duty. This game will sell more than COD could dream of. Sure, Activision will still sell a lot of COD, but its sales will slowly go down as EA's "COD killer" will swiftly go up.

They are making this "COD killer" as we speak. Honestly, if this game is 10x better than COD, willk definitely by it. I've never liked Activision as a company anyways, so. xD What are your thoughts about this?

To read about this more, there's an article here about it, I highly recomend you read it.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years!

To my fellow Christians and Atheists who celebrate it as a commercial holiday, Merry Christmas! Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas and for all you drinkers, don't drive on New Years. But if your friend is drunk and you're not, get out your video camera and take advantage of your friends stupidity for the lulz.

And remember to sleep with a shotgun on Christmas Eve kids. (my avy)

[spoiler] Eat it Walid [/spoiler]