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I have watched its new gameplay videos from the developers. I am sorry that I thought Square and Eidos will fail this game. I was afraid that it was gong to be poorer than Dishonored. I loved Dishonored's magic and tool combination to overcome the missions and the ability to finish the game without killing anyone was surprising. Now Thief looks detailed and hardcore.

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Nintendo is like, "PS4 and X1 are the leaders of gaming? We will take my revenge. You will see. We will make a machine that is 4 times stronger than yours."

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Now I have played around 10 hours and I must say the game is addicting but the graphics are really bad. it says the game supports 1080p but it looks like 720p with no anti-aliasing. Also the Frostbite engine still has that dark filter with lens flare...everywhere. Another problem with this game is that there are too many bugs. The game sometimes have bad gravity when jumping over the ramps and crashes may result with glitches. Does any one agree/has these problems?

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Currently Eidos has removed several features like:

  • No EXP system
  • No QTEs
  • Cannot swim
  • Poor combat
  • Limited jumping

So what's next? Nearly everything is removed from the game. I guess Arkane studios deserve a merit for a great first-person stealth game.

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Earning skill points is like infinite. When I start a vocation, I reach Rank 10 for it and buy all the skills and augments. Once I am done or fed up with it I switch to other vocation and repeat the same method. I started out as Strider, Fighter, Warrior, Ranger and now I am Assassin. I reached the maximum rank and got all the skills and augments for it. I planning to use Magic Archer now.

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The game is more fun with co-op. Like it happened to you, I couldn't also leave the controller too. I just keep coming back.

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4.5 is like cursing a person's honor. Give at least a 6 or 7 but 4.5? It is below the 50%. The game's voice acting, animations, music, combat system, collectibles, 4 diverse storylines and co-op really makes the game to deserve at least a 7. Like you said, journalists need to be honest but somehow I just couldn't agree with this review. In the review, the downside was the QTEs. For me, those QTEs where nothing and they were easy. I don't know what else to say.

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^ This list is pretty good. I've never played Castlevania or Enslaved but the rest are some of the best games on xboxPatChampsXXXVI
I bought both of them at the same time and finished in the same week. Both games were awesome. I liked Enslaved's fast action adventure while Castlevania had more gothical and dark challenging adventure.
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Out of all the 360 games you have played, which one had the worst, most dissapointing ending?

Mine would have to be Bioshock, phenomenal game but lack luster ending.

Same goes here. Both games had a 1 minute disclosure. Bioshock 1 had a way longer campaign and the ending was really fast. Bioshock 2 was shorter and I guess shorter ones deserve shorter endings.
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If you are a selfish person, get Halo 4 bundle. If you love your family, get Kinect since you will enjoy playing with it.