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Battlefield Hardline Closed Beta Highlights!

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A little while back I signed up to the Battlefield Hardline Closed Beta. At first, I wasn't sure about the cops and robbers idea but I've had some memorable moments so far. I'm looking forward to the end product.

Here's a fun highlight reel of my cheeky kills.

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Playstation 4!

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On Friday, I made the jump to Ps4! There was only one available at the store which was extremely lucky.

This gen, I did things a little different and purchased a game before the console. (Normally, I'd buy a bundle but the titles are pricey this time around.) Killzone: Shadow Fall sat unopened for four months, taunting me from across the room, but it was definitely worth the wait. I also downloaded Blacklight Retribution, Warframe, and War Thunder beforehand, so that I had some variety.

My subscription to playstation + expired before I bought the Ps4, so I haven't experienced KZ's multiplayer yet. Although, the free to play games have been great. So far, I really like Blacklight Retribution.

The main reason I wanted a Ps4 is the inbuilt capture card. For a LONG time, I've always wanted to record all my gameplay and share it online. (Call Of Duty's Youtube link on Ps3 excluded.) Live on Playstation was the first thing that I viewed, and there are some crazy and cool people out there Over time, I hope to make my own live broadcast channels on Twitch and UStream. :)

Snapmatic Fest!

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As an amateur photographer, I'm having a blast with the Snapmatic camera in GTA V. I've spent more time snapping gorgeous views, weird graffiti, and the weirder denizens of SA than wreaking criminal havoc.

I haven't tackled any real life projects lately but this has been a good alternative to flex the creative muscles.

Here's a portfolio of my favourite snaps:


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I finally got an online connection for my PS3!

(Not the biggest news, I know, but it's my first foray into online multiplayer.)

A year of photography.

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In my spare time, I enjoy amateur photography. Here's a selection of pictures that were taken over the last twelve months.















Dodging a BLOPS 2 bullet.

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I purchased Black Ops 2 on Friday, and experienced a hard freeze during the first mission. (At the checkpoint where you hide under the log before the radio tower.)

After two or three restores, I knew it was the game and not the HDD because it always froze at the same bit. Which was annoying because I was enjoying the campaign up until that point.

I was ready to take it back to the shop, and put it to one side.Last night, I loaded it up again just to see if the same glitch would happen during zombies. The session worked fine, and I went back to the campaign.

This time, I saved and quit after each checkpoint and then resumed the campaign. I wasn't sure if it would help at all, but tried anyway. When it came to the scene with the kids and guard, I waited for the freeze but it never happened.

The checkpoint saved and I haven't had any more problems since.

WWE store signing and christmas lights event.

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On Tuesday, the WWE World Tour came to the UK.

I wasn't able to see the live event, but I managed to go to a store signing for Kane and Daniel Bryan instead.

The fun part was having to wake up really early and get to the shopping centre where it was held before 9am. (Which meant travelling 40 mins by train and maybe an extra 20 mins by taxi.) The signing wasn't even until 3.30, but I knew that the 400 free tickets would disappear faster than Ryback's hunger pangs.

I waited in line for six and a half hours, eating a subway sandwich and reading a Walking Dead magazine to stave off the boredom, but it was completely worthwhile.

The fans were in high spirits, shouting 'we want goat face' and 'yes/no' chants. At one point, there was confusion over the beginning of the queue. I think a lot of new people were trying to skip ahead which got the dozen or so people in front (and including) me slightly nervous. :D

At the signing table, I managed to talk for a few minutes and shake Kane and Daniel Bryan's hand.

All day, I'd heard rumours about the superstars helping to turn on the Christmas lights.The names changed and the numbers went up. Zack Ryder, Santino and Layla were names that eventually stuck.Originally, I never knew about it, but wanted to take photos.(Because no cameras were allowed at the Kane/Daniel Bryan event.)

I had to wait another hour before they turned on the lights. A radio station were holding a special live show, which meant surviving a boyband, a gangnam style dance off, and kids doing air guitar. There was also a cinderalla play and a guy dressed in a reindeer suit.:shock:

When the wrestlers arrived, they walked across the third balcony toward the elevator. Santino paused to work the crowd, and the whole place erupted which was cool. The biggest surprise was spotting AJ Lee while taking pictures. She was one person that I never knew about and it made my day. :)

Here are some pictures from the day: