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May I present Viper's next Union Project

Since I've quit the Leadership of TEBU and as of yesterday the Leadership of COBU,I've decided to start up a brand new union as of now I'm not 100% sure what the Union's theme will be but I'm up between the following:The Indy Car Union,The Open Wheel Union,The cars Union,The Music Union or the all forms racing union.Help me decide guys!Also im looking for union projects to be a part of.

Being 18 is sure awesome!!

Meh not really,honestly nothing has changed other that I now go to college.Its still weird saying that Im 18 to anyone who reads this,how did you feel when you turned 18?

ps if you have msn add me on

Very Exciting Week in Motorsports

So This week is the All State 400 aka the Brickyard 400 but enough about Nascar lets talk about a real racing series the Indy Car World Series :D this Saturday is the Edmonton Rexall Grand Prix at the Edmonton Airport,this race marks the 2008 IRL debut of Paul Tracy (he did race in the Champ Car finale) Tracy hasnt raced in the IRL so far this season because his old team Forsythe Racing announced they will not join the IRL which was kinda dumb since last week they announced they'll debut next season.Theres also the possibility of a late addition in Alex Tagliani.Anyways everyone watch this race!!! its this Saturday at 5 pm ET on ESPN.

Got Madden 07 last week

Its my first NFL game since NFL 2K for the DreamCast :O anyways its a great game I like the superstar mode  very realistic but the xbox 360 version gets slow downs often and the menu is very complicated :O still its a nice game.