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My Gaming Life and a Bit More About Me

Since I was very young, my brother gifted me with a PS2 and a Dragon Ball game. I was 7 at that time. And since then I kept playing and playing, not what I can but what I really want (because I have more things to do like HAVE A LIFE XD).

After I brought a PS3, I started to play Oblivion, Metal Gear Solid and GTA. Thanks to those, I played previous games that belong to those series. That led me to even older games like Chrono Trigger, Secet of Mana and Legend of Zelda!

My favourite gaming series are: Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto, Chrono, Little Big Planet, Final fantasy (from 3 untill 8), Jak (espacially Jak 3) TES, Batman Arkham and Demon/Dark Souls.

Currently I'm playing Dark Souls and awaithing for GTA 5. 


My favorite TV series are: The Sopranos, The Wire, The Tudors, The Simpsons and Downtown Abbey (I never watched Breaking Bad).

I love all kinds of cinema and my favourite Directors and Producers are: Tim Buton, Woody Allen, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino.