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Finishing Puzzle Quest...

With its cramped presentation the first glance of the game is pretty... useless! But once you get the idea of the puzzles and you're into exploring the 'huge' map by defeating the opponents it's... ADDICTIVE!

Finished the game in a few days and loved it. After completing the main story line (red quests) there is still plenty to do. I'll still be busy with this game now and then in the future I guess. :)

Finishing Zack & Wiki...

Ok, this game was addictive! Played a good part of the stages together with friends, that helped. Because a few levels are very hard to solve alone, without hints.

Great settings and solutions however! Really enjoyed it. The hidden treasures for the 100% don't really interest me so I guess I'll leave them for now.

I'd love to see a sequal... as proven, point & click adventure games on the Wii can belong to the best. :D

Finishing Super Mario Galaxy...

Wow... so many people were looking forward to this game, now I know why. :D

The controls work so well and all the levels are very different. Super Paper Mario on the Wii was great but this Galaxy thing is even better! Finished the game with 105 stars so far and I'm planning on getting the last ones during the coming weeks.

The final fight with Bowser wasn't very hard but the end scene rocked it all nicely. The 9,5 rating is just right. 8)

Enjoying Metroid Prime 3...

Oh boy, I was so wrong thinking I wouldn't like sci-fi first-person-shooter/adventures. This game is great; the action, the boss fights, the puzzles, the controls, the graphics and sound, everything!

Fancy a Metroid Prime 3 wallpaper? Here's a list of sites you can get a few from: Site 1 Site 2 Site 3 Site 4

And wouldn't mind to play MP3 on this Wii mod... ;)

Finishing The Godfather...

After finishing Scarface I continued to play The Godfather again... took a while to get really into it but turned out to be a nice game afterall. Allmost done with it. Just have to screw the remaining families and be promoted to Don. I'm not going for the 100% in this game, had fun with it and now it's time to move on to Metroid Prime 3! :)

Finishing Scarface...

Wow. Just finished that basterd of a Sosa. The final mission completed. It was a great game! Didn't expect it to be when I started to play since I couldn't get into The Godfather.

I'll still have to buy the remaining exotics however... so a few good drug runs left for me. To everyone that finished the game without using any cheats: respect! I used health cheats a few times... I got ambushed all the time... And I'm convinced you have to be lucky in a few missions... ;)

More Wii-lated damage!

Broken straps, LCD TV's, lamps, walls, ceilings and don't even mention people and pets that get hurt by flying Wii-motes... Wow, I didn't know the problem was so huge! :shock: Allthough the new type of wrist strap is a lot stronger than the old one and you can get it for free, people are coming up with creative solutions to prevent future damage.

Anyway, instead of finding more material on Google I bumped into Take a look in all the "Damage Toll" sections... find it amusing? I do, I haven't hurt anybody or anything... yet.

Wii-lated damage!

We men are true gamers and know how to perform the fine art of virtual ownage. But since the Wii rushed into the livingrooms a lot of females got attracked by the stylish white controllers that lead their unskilled moves right onto the screen.

Now I don't know what happened on this picture but I do know that MOST of the Wii-lated damages were caused by females.

Here's some evidence... need I say more!? Good thing the free jackets are shipped in right now so that the livingroom is safe again soon, while the girls keep practicing...

Wii-ly lovely cat: My own!

Based on one of the previous blogs, a took a picture of my own cat... bored as allways... Like her? She's really a lot like me, into Scarface! ;)

Well, I'm into Scarface and she has a scar on her face due to a car accident... :cry: oh well, not that she cares. Nice picture?

Vii? Just a cheap Wii?

Vii console

This is the Vii console. A Chinese Wii-ish console, but then cheap. Real cheap. But hey, at least they took my nick into account!!! Viictoriio likes it! ;)

Reason for these kind of products is that Nintendo (Japan) isn't actively producing for the Chinese market. So there are no Chinese games etc. And since not all Chinese understand English (or Japanese) they produce their own Wii-like consoles.:P However, should be forbidden!

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