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Devil May Cry 3

This is one of the best PS2 games ever!

I am really enjoying every HARD moment of this game.

I am playing it on NORMAL and I do not agree with GregK when he said that he had to switch to easy in order to be able to play it. I am pretty sure that I'll revisit this game and try to finish it on hard one day.

It is really awesome and I hope I'll be able to finish it as soon as I land in Saudi Arabia and of course before I report to work.


God of War

I just finished God of War after playing it several hours for three days!

This game ROCKS and it is one of the best games ever created in the genre!

I really loved it and would like to see more of it.

As for GOW2, I would like to see more sex I guess! LOL! The sex part really made the game unique and I really would like to see GOW2 rated for ADULTS only!

Did I already say that the game rocks?

After finishing Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, and God of War, I still want to play more of these games.

Thanks David for creating such a marvelous game. You make me proud of being a great video gamer.

Damn you SONY!

I have already exchanged three PSPs and I am about to open the FOURTH one!

The first was the best with one black dust dot and one white dead pixel.

The second had about four shiny pixels.

The third had four dead pixels (three white and one black). It had a little scratch on the screen also that looked like bubbles.

The fourth ... I'll tell you if it has any problems!

Enough said >>> the fourth is the worst!

Shall I get a fifth one?

UPDATE: The fifth turned out to be the best so far :)

PSP = Bugs?

I am sorry but I shut my mouth when I found a small tiny black peice of dust under my PSP screen, but today I found something new. A white dead pixel appeared right after turning on my PSP today morning. I was frustrated but then continued to play for several hours.

NOW! I made the decision to take it back and buy another one. I might do this twice and if the third one turns out to be faulty, then I'll be without a PSP till they fix this stupid problem.

BTW, NONE of my LCD devices has any dead pixels even the laptop from which I am typing this right now!

SONY - Never try to steal my money in the future or I'll never buy your stuff!


I would like to tell you about my PSP but I do not know what to say about it except that it is the BEST hand-held device I have ever owned. Unless something wrong goes with the screen! LOL!

It is so sexy that even my wife got super excited when she opened the box!

We enjoyed watching Spider-Man 2 on it even though we already have the DVD! The screen is sexy, did I already say that?

The games are great and I am very happy with the controls so far!

My last vacation in the USA!

My wife and I just finished our spring break in Orlando, FL where we spent several days in the most wonderful places in the USA! The most places we enjoyed are:

  • Sea World
    • A very nice place full of alive creatures. We enjoyed the environment and the different shows performed by talented animals.
    • It is well organized.
    • We enjoyed dinning in the Sharks Underwater Grill restaurant.

  • Walt Disney World
    • A very huge place that is hard to go through everything in it in such a short vacation.
    • We hated the way it is organized where we had to walk through almost empty spaces in order to reach certain attractions.
    • We did not like their Coke at all! It smelled and tasted horrible!
    • In the MAGIC KINGDOM, we got caught in the rain while riding the indy race carts and got soaked up which made us buy new towels, clothes and shoes!
    • In my opinion, EPCOT is the best in terms of organization and technology!

  • Universal Studios
    • This is the best in terms of almost everything. Excellent organization and very lovely environment.
    • The Revenge of the Mummy is the best ride.
    • Dine by the lake and enjoy the nice food.