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Blog The Fourth! The Thrilling Conclusion!

I believe I left at the N64 as system 5 Moving on down the road of my Video Game past we reach

System 6/ Sony Playstation
This was one my first true game system. I believe I was around the age of 8 maybe? I was becoming more and more adept at games and was constantly beating games almost on a weekly basis. I had a massive collection (for me anyway) of over THIRTY games! My first game on it was Crash Bandicoot 3. Took me one frikkin' day to finish. Next I got a good lengthy game called Tomba2. Truly a wonderous game for its time. Not used to RPGs so much it took me over two months to play thru only to find I only got 99% done! I was pissed because that last percent was because I didn't have Tomba(1). I eventually forgot about it and moved on. I played games like Pac-Man World (or something), Spyro 1-3,Brave Fencer Musashi (favorite!), and Megaman Legends just to name a few. Notice the similarities? None have real-life graphics. I hated real looking games, because to me those were labelled as too confusing. For this reason I never played FF7. To this day I still don't know the story! But we can't dawdle on this forever. MOVING ON...

System 7/ Gamecube
Ah the next generation of games. Truly wonderful times were had during this era


Blog The Third! The Plot Thickens!

Continuing, now from where I left off.

System 3/Super nintendo

Well see I know this lady named "Mom" I've known her for as long as I can remember actually.  Well she has a sister who has 2 sons and a daughter.  Basically one Christmas they were upstairs playing a Super Nintendo.  Still new to the gaming world I wastched as the 3-D polygonal graphics danced across the screen.  From then on I would always ask for one and eventually got one.  OH THE JOY!

System 4/Playstation

After I got a Super Nintendo my Father tried to keep up in his desperate attempt to win me over from my mom and got me a SPS.  All I liked back then were ridiculously childish games and platformers like Crash & Spyro.  Every Summer when my Dad had to go to the office I would take the SPS with me and just play for hours upon hours slowly wasting my childhood in pure contemptment of Video Games.  Until one day we arrived to his new office to find my SPS and my vast collection os Games Stolen.  I was in shambles untill...

System 5/N64

Ah yes my N64.  Again a purchase sparked by my cousins.  Constant begging was always met with a firm NO.  So when I half-heartedly opened my last Christmas gift only to reveal A N64 I jumped for Joy!  I hooked it up (Meaning Mom hooked it up while I ran outside for about 2 hours even after it was ready to be played).  Nonetheless when I calmed myself enough to enjoy probably my most welcomed gift ever I played Super Mario 64 until I got to the water level, got scared because I was timed, and turned it off to go eat pie.

Are you enthralled yet?  Lem'me tell ya this is bringin' back some memories.  Stay tuned for the Epic Conclusion!

Blog the Second! Origins Reveal Discovery!

*not accurate at all
Well since just reading an intro Blog is pretty much NO fun at all I am gonna talk about my past!  I grew up in America.  In fact I still am!  At the current rate I'll be 10 feet tall and covered head to toe with hair by 2012! but this site is about video games eh? So let's talk about my gaming roots!

System 1/ NES
Technically it wasn't mine, it was my brothers, but who cares? It's the first thing I ever played and I LOVED IT!  Why you may ask?  "I can make the red guy move!" Ah such simpler times they were.  But onwards

System 2/Sega Genesis
Now this one WAS mine.  I was a youngster with nothing to lose racking up points reaching the...twenties on sonic spinball* my first game.  I had no idea what games were good back then so I only had a few.  But that mattered not for recently we had gotten  SEGA CHANNEL!  Oh I feel sorry for you who never experienced Sega Channel. It was wonderous.All the Games you could ever want were right there.  I don't remember how it worked but it was probably awesome!

Part 2 reaches moniters soon! Time now for Homeworks!

Blog the First! A new beginning awakens!

Ahh the eternal world of blogging.  An epic storyland for one to speak his/her mind freely.  Keep it interesting and gain the respect (and hatred) of millions.  Let it become droll and lifeless and...well nobody will read it.  Anyway since I've had an account on Gamespot for quite a while now(and I don't support the MySpace trend), I figure I might as well start one here and now.  If you intentionally looked up my page because you felt like (A)-talking or (B)-arguing HELLO! I welcome your compliments and/or opinions!  If you came (C)-To b!%(# at me or (D)-on accident the WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? GO AWAY!  Well now that the first is out of the way be prepared for updates and news about my personal life that none of you care about in the slightest.