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Spyro 'fans' and Skylanders:Spyro's Adventure

To start off with: Spyro fans. Who is a Spyro fan and who isn't, shall we say. I've noticed that quite a few of Spyro 'fans' practically worship the older Spyro games and almost literally butcher the newer games, currently Skylanders being their latest victim. Now don't get me wrong, I love the older Spyro game, I grew up with them and the first 3 were some of the first game I ever played but I'm ok with the newer games and the 'new' Spyro. My issue is with these so called fans who moan whenever there is a new Spyro game and it's 'not the old Spyro', 'cause apparently every new Spyro game has to be exactly like the old ones. Surely if somebody wants the old Spyro, they would play the old Spyro games instead of wasting their time bashing the ones without even trying them. I think these fans need to realise that the old Spyro is not coming back and they have to accept that at some point and even if the old Spyro came back, there would probably still be changes that fans would moan about.

Now onto Skylanders itself. My friend and I bought the starter pack on her birthday (Feb 13th) and we found out just hard it really is to come by. Some places were sold outon certain versions but managed to buy it in Game Station. Then we wanted a couple of extra characters other than the three starters. Turns out the characters are even harder to get and they were sold out pretty much every where we could think of(by the way, this was before I found out that the figures work on all versions, which is pretty nice feature). Neither of us had any idea how popular the game really was, so it was quite a surprise. Just goes to show that no matter how much people may hate a game whatever ridiculous reason (such as Spyro's look, which is very shallow and a bit silly since you can play as other characters), people will buy the game regardless and, toput it simply, sales and income don't lie.

Pokemon Black/White Glitch

Ok, this isn't much of a blog, but its related to 2 video games.

Now, I'm not sure if anybody else has noticed this, but in the new Pokemon games there's a horrible glitch that normally happens when the player is in a double battle. This glitch has happened to both me and my friend and we're not sure if anybody else has had this problem. Basically, if you lose both your Pokemon in a double battle, the games might glitch up so that you can't call any other Pokemon, which forces you to restart the game. Now this glitch has never happened in the last Pokemon games so maybe Nintendo missed the glitch when testing the game or something.

Either way, it is literally deadly, especially if you haven't gotten quite far since your last save. Pure evil.

PS2 is Dead

no joke, my PS2 is very much dead.

basically, my dad managed to open the CD tray and get it to close and open by pressin the button, that was the problem before, so i have got my Devil Summoner 2 back, which is the good news

heres the whole "PS2 is dead" thing: the laser in the PS2 that reads the CD wont all. my dad says that the laser is broken and i basically have to get a new PS2 in general unless my dad somehow fixes it (he is an electrician at Fords). i have had my PS2 for quite a long time, so it is quite old and frankly, it makes a lot of sense why it would die on me now

PS2 Won't Work T_T

good news, no more art block yays :3
bad news, PS2 doesnt want to work :'(

basically the CD tray wont open and unfortunately my Devil Summoner 2 is in there, makes my problem even worse, so obviously i cant play any PS2/PS1 games. i dont have the PS3 that can play PS2 games, i have the other one and even if i could i wouldnt be able to play copy games. i know playing copy games isnt right but there are more people in the world who do it and most likely for the same reasons:
1-the game costs too much/dont have enough money
2-its not available in your region (probably the most common reason)

by this i mean have you ever noticed about how Japan gets every new game 1st (pretty unfair if you ask me), games that are only available in Japan (games like KH:Final Mix) and games like KH:Chain of Memories on the PS2 and every other region gets that game like 2 years later. couple months after Japan gets it, US gets it(fair enough) and normally Europe and the UK would get it some time later. but sometimes Europe doesnt get the game, thus neither those the UK, Devil Summoner 2 is one of those games, thats right it hasnt come out in Europe yet and apparently it may not either and it came out in the US back in June and thats the reason why i got a copy version plus i havent got money in truth to buy game since most games cost £30 (my parents never give me pocket money, no matter what i do, they borrow money of me, they just £100 to pay the mortgage and say theyll pay me back with interest by Thurs)

anyway my PS2 problem, we think it might be an internal problem, but i dont want to send it to Sony to get it fixed coz lets face it some companies you send thinks to, you never get back so you have to buy a new one (my dad's an electrician at Fords anyway so hopefully he can fix it), but if you guys have suggestion id like to hear it

Now, Ive finished school for real, 3-4 months holiday! XD

This morning, I officially my last exam in school, so now I dont have anything to do school related and Ive got tons of free time. That means I can finally make some more videos and drawings. Some of you may have noticed I put 2 new videos yesterday, an Okami video and a Darkrai video, soexpect to see more whenever I get ideas. All Ive got left now is my prom next Tuesday but Im pretty much prepared :D

Left school but annoyed

just yesterday was a normal day, most of us did our english exam and straight after, the deputy head comes out with 'you are not required to come in tommorow, basically we weren't supposed to come in today, but some of us did. why you may ask? because we were annoyed by what she said and we had things planned for our last day and our stupid newish head teacher said we couldn't come in. nobody likes all, just for ruining our special day of saying goodbye to everyone, including our teachers. yes we have prom soon, but it wouldn't be the same. i have gone in today, but some people haven't bothered nor will go to the school at like 2:30pm or something like that. some are still there but others are getting readyto go out later, but the majority of us are just really annoyed at our head teacher since he came in January, our oneold wouldve told us when exactly we were gonna leave, which was today. if our new one ever wanted respect from us year 11s, then he shouldnt of done what he did yesterday, he cant take it back now so he has no respect from us nor will get any


I have been going on deviantArt a lot recently and posting my work on there, including art based off of games like Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts. I can't upload the pictures unless I make it into a slideshow, which I rather not do, so heres my user page

If your interested, go and have a look my art and if you like you can comment or something. If you want to use any of it though, you'll have to ask me first.

YouTube-Is it really that good?

Some videos that I have done have been posted on YouTube but now they have been blocked, most of them I haven't been told about so now I'll probably quit on YouTube. On my videos, I wrote PLEASE NOTE:I CLAIM NOTHING IN THIS VIDEO or something like that, but they're still blocked so now I'll post my videos on Gamespot knowing that Gamespot actually read video descriptions when YouTube probably doesn't and just blocks all kinds of great videos, including Colmillios'(AxelSora2007 on YouTube) awesome Disney Musicals have been blocked. My latest video Spore Creatures 3-Halloween style that I uploaded yesterday was blocked because of the first song. All I did was add halloween music for the occasion. I decided that I've had enough and I won't post any more videos on YouTube even when I have so many ideas. I'll do a video saying this on YouTube so that people who watch my videos on there will know where they are.

School results reward and summer holiday, 6 weeks off school

my parents have seen my school grades and my dad's decided to get me somethin and maybe my brother too but nothin too expensive coz he didnt get as good grades as i did and he got 24 out of 100 on his science test, thats really bad. So i might get Devil May Cry 4 but then again i might not coz of the reviews ive seen about it, so i might get somethin else. Once 6 weeks holiday is over, i start year 11, my last year at school an it only lasts about 9 months, which is scary :? plus it was out school head teacher's last day and we were quite upset, most of us started to cry. Im no goin anywhere this year since last year we kinda ran low on money, so ill be stickin around for 6 weeks probably playin games or goin out with my mates.

I'mback, thank God!

Cornwall was really really boring, so im so happy to be back, especially since i couldnt have a decent shower while i was was only a week but it was just so boring and im just glad to be back

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