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Time to blow off some steam

After a rather eventful November I am going to be taking some much needed and overdue vacation. I will be off to Leas Vegas in a week. If you are in the area drop me a line. I should be back some time in the new year.

Introducing "The Pulse"

Introducing "The Pulse"

I wanted to point anyone who might be following my blog to our new module called "The Pulse." It’s a live updating list of all the latest content on GameSpot. Customize the results, get the latest news from GameSpot your way!

When the zombies invade!!!!!

1) When the zombies invade where will you go hide? I would stick to narrow passageways. Assuming I Had enough food and water I would try and seek refuge on a small island. It’s a known fact Zombies can’t cross fast / deep bodies of water such as rivers and bays, or even large lakes. 2) List 5 people you would take with you? (think about why- they may not be people you like) This really depends on my location at the time of the attack. But if this is a “best case scenario” I would take VinceL and AdamB And probably Charles. They are the only people I know adequately educated in Zombieology My normal friends would not be able to take the mental stress a zombie attack so just know if I call you up you better come 3) Look around your room: which object could you use to destroy the undead? 1. Umbrella 2. Desk lamp 3. PSP 4) With only two arms and a back pack, what would you bring? Back Pack: Rope, string, change of socks, sports bottle, wind and waterproof matches, water purification tablets, compass, signaling mirror, polarized sunglasses, small first aid kit, multi tool, saw wire, transistor radio, pocket knife, binoculars, maps, protean / carb block, flare, 50 rounds of ammunition Body: Beyond everyday clothing, windbreaker or jacket, gardening gloves, belt, Right hand small firearm or flash light depending left arm firearm or flashlight depending on equipment options. Alternate weapn such as a crowbar or other blunt object. 5) List the 5 most important things you would need to survive 28 days of invasion? Water, food, shelter, clean socks and ammunition. 6) What would be your weapon of choice to destroy a zombie? A semi automatic rifle, accurate and good range. 7) Could you kill a zombie baby to save yourself? Yes 8) If your beloved pet became a zombie, could you kill it if it were attacking you? Yes, however small animals such as dogs and cats cannot become zombies do to the small size of their brains. 9) If the beloved pet attacked a member of your group? Same as above 10) if you were in a zombie territory and absolutely starving, which one in your group would you eat first? Not an option 11) If you were starving would you eat your beloved pet? I would not bring a pet, because pets need food too. 12) If you had to choice between feeding a zombie your significant other or your favorite parent in order to save yourself, which would you choose? (you HAVE to make this choice) Parent. The young and able bodied should come first 13) If you had to sacrifice all of your group, and a zombie allowed only a stranger to procreate with in order to survive, would you? huh? 14) How long do you think you could survive a zombies invasion? with water and adequate ammunition 8 months with water only 2 months with neither six weeks 15) If a living stranger showed up to your hideout, would you let them in? After 48 hour quarantine. The would have to be disarmed 16) you eventually got infected by a zombie, where were you when you got infected? Obtaining supplies or in route to my island sanctuary 17) you were infected, where would your stomping grounds be? I'd shoot myself first. 18) where on your body would you be infected first? I’m assuming at the source of the contamination 19) Were you infected by multiple zombies or just one? multiple. 20) Were you infected by being bitten, chewed on, or bled/vomited blood on? I assume it was in the face or neck region. There’s a good chance blood splatter would get me before anything else though when facing multiple zombies there’s a good chance I could be bitten on the back of the neck. 21) Would you want to switch over to a zombie slowly or right away? Slowly, giving myself enough time to shoot myself 22) Who would you want to infect you? No idea 23) If you were a zombie, and a living survivor took you out, how would you want to be destroyed? Kill it with fire! 25) Which famous person reminds you the most of a zombie? Keith Richards 26) Which political figure reminds you of a zombie? or IS a zombie? Dick Cheney

Thanks for the help!

I think we got all the data we needed. I want to thank everyone for all the help. The reason will be reviled in the next few days. Until then you all have my thanks. Please feel free to contact me any time with questions or comments. -Vermifuge
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