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Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just watched the weirdest anime ever....

Panty and Stockings with Garterbelt!

So its about these 2 angels who were banished from heaven for their naughty acts and basically while on earth (note I barelly watched it, because i couldn't decide if its an anime or hentai) and they fight monsters.. Simple right? Wrong! My friend showed me the transformation scene where Panty (Blong chick) and Stocking (Blue chick) pull out there weapons. This is how they get them, first they grow their wings. Then some random strip pole comes and they start dancing on it.... now for panty she has to take off her pantys and that turns into a....Gun? :lol: For Stocking, she strips her stockings? down and it turns into a sword.... Oh and theres a random disco ball going around.. Whats interesting is , turing this transformation sequence, the art ****changes into a normal japanese art anime **** But when they are normal, its more like Aventure times. So yup....weirdest, mest up anime I have ever seen,....yet its so freaking funny and I cant stop watching it :D

If you guys wanna see the video, type in Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt transformation on youtube. I can't link it cause

1. GS is being retarted with linking

2. Its a 18+ video so I dont wanna get banned.

3. Im lazy :D

I pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts 3 for the Xbox360...

So I thought of something hilarious.... lets go to Gamestop and pre-order Kingdom Hearts 3. Now the gamestop I go to is CLUELESS. Employees probably don't even keep to date with games these days. So i went to my local gamestop and I told the clerk who was this lady in her 20's? I said " Hey can I pre-order Kingdom Hearts 3 ?" She said "Sure" She typed in some stuff and was like " Wait that games not coming up" Then I continued, "Games not coming up till 2015 , just wanted to reserve my copy so I can be the first person to get the game" She then asked me if I was really going to wait 4 years for a game and I was like " OF COURSE, this is KINGDOM HEARTS 3!" So I knew this wasn't going to work because she would figure out im trolling her.... but she actually FREAKING BElieved me! :lol: wow. Doesn't the computer tell you the games not listed or something? Well she asked me "What system do you want it on?" I said "The Xbox please like all the other Kingdom Hearts games out there" Well I decided enough was enough and said I left my cash at home and told her I'll be back..

AHAHAH Best trolling I've done so far... man oh man. :lol:

Lets D-D-D-D-D-D-D-Duel!

So not so long ago(Saturday) me and a friend went to the gas station for some slurpees. As we were getting them we saw some ..................


I already knew about Magic. Most of my favorite artist draw the illustrations for them aka DAVE RAPOZA!

So I bought like 15 magic card packs .... 60$ :o lol and hoping i could get daves rapozas card. and i did!!! Then I bought magic the gathering game on PSn and have been playing it since! Oh god its to addicting! If anyone wants to duel...BRING IT! My blood hunger deck owns!!

How dare Nick Simmons Copy Bleach!! >.

Found this little journal on the world wide web :P and its very...interesting. Now in the Art world, Artist look for inspiration from other artist. But this is just plain out plagerizing and copying. You can literally see the resemblance in this.

Well Nick Simmons decided to make an manga called Incarnate. Lets take a look shall we. :)

Seems legit right... well lets take a look at some pages shall we..

Wait a minute.... this seems.....familiar..........

Woah! Wait, may be its just a coincidence. Wait actually somethings not right....

It's not like he's even #*$)@#$* trying! :evil:

Hurry up and Subb Bleach Hell Verse.

Someone Subb Bleach Hell Verse as I'm dying to watch it! I wanna see Grimmjow and Ulqiourra actually fight! I wanna see Ulqiourra get his revenge on Ichigo! And I heard Tia Harribel makes an appearance!!!!

I've gotten quite excited for this movie. I have all 3 movies , Memories of Nobody, Diamond Dust Rebellion, and Fade to Black. I bought a poster of Hell Verse Promo on Ebay which will be coming soon. And I bought a still life figure of Tia Harribel and Ulqiourra ^.^

Yo dawg gimme yo shoes!

I need to shoes Gamespot, I really do. My vans are horrible and I have been wearing sandles the whole summer. Also sandles+longboarding=

So yup I need new shoes. Now what should I get? Should I get some nikes? jordons? all stars? DC? sandles? Flip-Flops?

I can't decide because I always let my mom choose and the shoes she recently bought me(ehh more like 5 monthes ago) were these pair

Don't let the chinese gold fish fool you, they suck. And my friends thought it was funny to throw them on a wire.

(Not actually picture)

So this time, I'm going shopping for some shoes.

So I'm looking through some sites but they all don't interest me. I saw some sweet Green lantern shoes but they were out of stock :( But then I saw the greatest pair of shoes ever in man kind! They are so awesome, it makes girls fall for yah ! Ladies and Gentlemen I present the greatest pair of shoes you will ever witness....

[spoiler] [/spoiler]

BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!!! I want them shoes! I need to find the owner :evil: Where are you! Its either that or ..

Square Enix, what have you become?

When you think of Square Enix, what do you think of?

Exactly. Square Enix is (or should I say was) one of the best developers in the world. ( My blog , my opinion :P ).They were highly praised for thier creative teams and well known titles which is of course Final Fantasy, I mean, everybody knows Final Fantasy.You don't have to play the game to know the name. I admit, I was first a Kingdom Hearts fan. I remember my first glance at the box art. I was at K mart and I saw Kingdom Hearts on the shelf but my uncle told me that it was horrible and that I should get this one game where you play as this dog/human and sing/rap against this one dude :? That game was pretty bad. But once I did buy Kingdom Hearts I fell in love.

Okay we are getting of topic, lets get back to the main topic, and that is the fall of Square Enix. When I say fall, I mean by praise and ratings. How did they lose their crown in the gaming market? They annoucne 3 titles in 2006 and release one title 4 years later. They don't give a release date for the last 2 and keep on pushing those 2 titles. They keep on multitasking with games making 7 games at once. They ignore their fan base and shove in anything that would make them lots of money. Honestly, they became $*#(#$* greedy. Why Square Enix why!? Everyone is sort of greedy but you should atleast care for your fanbase. It was your fanbase that got you out of bankruptcy and you are ignoring them?

Tetsuya Nomura has to be the last hope for Square Enix. He is their thrumb card, without him , you wouldn't have the high praise for Final Fantasy 7, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy Advent Children, and Versus 13, 13, Type-0 and practically every game thats in development over there.If you guys lose him then I think you guys will fall hard.

I still love square enix, they inspired me to become a artist and gives me inspiration. I was born a Square Enix fanboy and will defend you guys. But you guys have to snap out of it and get back on the horse. Release Versus 13 and stop delaying it! Stop forcing Tetsuya to develop other games, he needs to finish versus. And give us Kingdom Hearts 3 already, Tetsuya obviously wants to develop that game but he can't because of versus, and he can't finish versus because you guys keep pushing other games on him.

There are other studios that give me inspiration like Level- 5, Kojima, From Software, Naughty Dog, Bungie, Santa Monica, and Bleach gives me alot of inspiration as well. But you guys take the crown for the most, I don't want to take it away from you guys. Nothing gives me more excited then a Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts discussion. IMO, you guys are better then Bungie, Valve, Bioware, Visceral, DICE, Crytek, Kojima, etc by a mile. But for how long?

In the end we can blame it on....

Attaining a foothold on the western market. No, I don't mean the portage of FF13 to Xbox 360.

When I play a JRPG I want to play a game based on Japanese ideas, not Western ideas. Whats said is that Wada(President of Square Enix) plays as much Western games as he can ( MW2) and tells everyone at Square Enix about them and how they should implant it on their games.

So in honesty, blame it on -

MW2 ruined Killzone 3, Crysis 2, Homefront, Medal of Honor. :P

Espada vs Organization 13?

Okay now your thinking "Yo Ven, Espada got 10 members and Organization has 13." Well hold on their people, im not going to include a few people in Organization 13. One is Roxas,second is Vexen, and 3rd is Luxord.

10 vs 10 their you go. :)

Round 1!

Larxene vs Tia! Battle of the sexys!


This is a very interesting match. Larxene with her Lighting-base moves vs Tia with her Water-Based moves. Vote in the comment section, now :)

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