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January 5th -- Best Day Of My Life

Heya, everyone! Sorry, I've been away for so long. I know January 5th was a while ago...but, that's the day I got a girlfriend ^_^ Her friend called me that day, and told me, and I was ecstatic! Sadly...I only see her once a week...(she doesn't go to the same school as me)...I called her, and told her I loved her. So, I'm very, very happy. But I constantly miss her...okay, well, I do intend to add some game-related factor to this blog. Her name is, Sami (my girlfriend), and she loves Nintendo! She challenged me to Brawl...I accepted, but never got a chance to play against her, because she lives 30 minutes away from my house...and she loves the Zelda Series, and her favorite Brawl character is...Pit. Anyways, it's been a while, everyone, what have all of you been up to?


X-Mas Miracle!!

Greetings everyone! I didn't have access to a computer, but I certainly hope you ALL had a wonderfu Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanza! ^_^ Surprisingly, this year, I received something I actually wanted for Christmas! I don't actually celebrate and Winter holiday...but I usually have to buy myself presents if I want any. But this year, my father was finall pleased with my grades (which have always been straight-A's)...but for this trimester, I did exceptionally well:

Advanced Studio Art -- 98.3%

Health/P.E. -- 97.7%

French -- 94.8%

Science/Chemistry -- 94.8%

Social Studies -- 98.4%

Advanced Mathematics -- 98.3%

Language Arts Literacy -- 101.8%

Well, anyways, my father was so pleased, he actually pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories (which was released on Dec. 2nd), but I did not get my report card until December 15th (but I was not allowed to play the game until X-Mas). I immediately fell in love with the game, it s just so strategic, and much more challenging than the other Kingdom Hearts games. I finished the Sora Story a few days ago, and I started playing the Riku Story.

But, besides the remarkably fun and exciting Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, I also received a...Wii!!! (the last time i got a new console was when i was in the third grade)...

Sadly, I did not receive any games for the Wii, except Wii Sports, and Link's Crossbow Training, which came with the Wii Zapper. The Wii is WAY more interactive than any other game console I have used, and is soo fun. I haven't found the time to buy any games yet...but may go to check out some Wii games tomorrow...some games on my mind include:

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Dokapon Kingdom ^_^ (fun multiplayer)

Dragon Blade

Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories [PS2]

Hey GameSpot users, this is Venoroth53535, and I really miss everyone. I'm afraid due to recent craziness of school and what not, my attendance was varied will still be varied...but I have returned to state my great eagerness and happiness of the announcement of KINGDOM HEARTS RE: CHAIN OF MEMORIES!!! For the first time, the original GBA release of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (2004) will come to the PS2. Right when we all thought the PlayStation 2 had died...Japan decided to release an RPG phenonmenal on the PS2, man, I love you Japan! ^_^

Question: Will Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of Memories for the PS2 also include Final Mix? o.O

I am also extremely excited for the movie release of TWILIGHT, Twilight was an amazing and romantic story that I had read at the beginning of this school year (I am currently reading Breaking Dawn). Twilight is a national favorite among readers, especially the femal population. I am soooo excited to watch (and critique) the Twilight movie, although I do wish to ask a girl to watch such an amazing movie with me, i do not know how to ask. T_T

Also, I have created some AMVs and videos on Youtube, here is the link to my profile:

I have a Facebook account, and if anyone here wishes to befriend me on Facebook, let me know on this blog, and give your name or something along those lines, or you can also PM me ^_^

Sorry,--For Not Being On Very Much Lately

Hello GameSpot users, I am sorry for not being online fror so long, during the summer, I have been going to camps, vactaion, and working...and when I get to go on the computer, it isn't for very long, and it is for other essentials. I may not be online for the rest of the summer, but if you want to alert me of anything, PM me or use this blog, it will solely be for this purpose. Bye, enjoy the rest of summer everybody!


Final Fantasy Videos Galore!

Hello GameSpot users, this is Venoroth53535, I have created two new videos, about Final Fantasy. Please watch them and comment! I must say they are probably my best works yet! Enjoy!

Favorite Books?

Hello GameSpot users, this is Venoroth53535. Do you have favrotei books? Well, this is the blog to share them! List the books you enjoy reading and the books you have read recently during the summer. Enjoy!

Favorite Final Fantasy Characters...

Hey GameSpot users, this is Venoroth53535, thanks for the advice you gave on the previous blog, I will look into some of the different options you have provided me.

This blog is about favorite Final Fantasy characters, so if anyone here likes role-playing, SquareEnix, Final Fantasy--then this is the blog for you! Please give a short list of your favorite Final Fantasy character(s), then also explain why they are your favorite! Cool right, I've been doing a lot of these "favorite" blogs, hope you enjoy! Share your Final Fantasy favorites!

Friendly Advice, Please...

Helly GameSpot users, this is Venoroth53535...and I need some advice. I intend to buy a PSP by Christmas, but I don't think I'll be able to make enough money to buy one by then (yes, I am already thinking of Christmas...). After calculating, I would only have about $130 by the month of December, and that's only if don't spend any money, AT ALL. Sadly, I am not old enough to get a job, but I do work at my parent's store, andI end up getting $20 at the end of each month. I am going to sell some stuff, I have tons of random junk--but I doubt people will buy junk. I was going to trade in some old games at GameStop, but they're uber cheap with the whole trade-in-credit thing...they'll only give you like five dollars, but they'll end up selling the game for up to three times the amount...I hate if anyone has any ideas on how I can make some extra cash, that would be nice.


Also, if I do end up earning enough money for the PSP I wanted, what sort of games should I get? I am definitely considering getting Final Fantasy: Crisis Core and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep once it comes out. But I don't know very much about the PSP game if anyone reading this has any favorite games, please request them to me, and I can do some research. Thanks!