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MMO Review: Runes of Magic


MMO Review

Developer(s):Runewaker Entertainment // Publisher(s):Frogster Interactive, Frogster America

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Runes of Magic is a free fantasy MMORPG video game and as the title says, there are hundreds of runes that you can use to either enhance your skills or to upgrade your armor pieces.

All In All:Disappointing

A lot of people have been talking about Runes of magic lately, some saying that it's quite good for being a free MMO and others saying that it's even better than WoW. Although the 'WoW-killer' title has been given to a lot games.

However, when you actually register & download & start it, you do think that it's kinda special. But, that's just because of the nice starting area with lots of good rewards and some storyline rushed into it. Yet when your Human/Night Elf character leaves the starting area and finally enters the 'real world', the game starts to reveal its disastrous sides: The quests start to repeat themselves, it's always the same quest-type. You go to a random person, right click him and then the usual 'Go kill 30 wolves, then return to me' or 'Gather 20 wolf pelts and return them to me'. There are no special quests whatsoever that will keep you hooked to the game. The game also gets really challenging right from the start, after a few quests you're told to enter a dungeon, then find a secret door which will lead you to a boss' chamber. The quests don't really help you level that much to keep up with the level of the creatures nearby. In most MMOs you do 10-15 quests, and say to yourself 'ok this is getting easy, lets move on to the next area' and the quests actually do finish at that time and another quest will lead you to the area automatically. However in Runes of Magic, they've just put 100s of quests in just one small area and they're always the same, you're killing the same creatures over and over again.

But, to keep it cool, there is a quest-chain which will eventually take you to the next area.

There is a secondary c l a s s system in the game, however, leveling your main c l a s s will not level your secondary c l a s s . This really horrifies me, you have to go to a person and ask him to switch your current main c l a s s with your secondary c l a s s in order to start leveling your secondary c l a s s . This will prevent you from using your secondary main c l a s s ' skills, and only allow you to use your secondary c l a s s ' skills and your main Main C l a s s ' skills. But to help you with leveling your secondary c l a s s they have given you a skill that will teleport you to another zone, where you will receive low-level quests again. But, the downside of that is that you're going to do the same old, boring quests again and again.

PvP at this point seems kind of hidden to me, maybe I'm just an idiot and don't know how to access PvP areas, but my best character is level 28 and I still haven't taken part in PvP battles. There are apparently some nice mini-games with multiple people and things like Siege Battles with your guild mates.

There are currently enough cl a s s e s to play around with and they're kinda fun, but again this company hasn't done a lot to help healers be able to solo some quests. The healer only has like 3-4 attack skills around level 15 and lots of healing skills.

Although my favorite c l a s s would be the warden, with his 'pet' and the character himself has some nice moves, but overall the skills aren't really spectacular, like the ones you see in Aion, they're just simple ones like 'Damages target dealing X damage...'.

The game features some daily events that take place all over the world, but it's always the same, some weird creatures appear near the city gate and you have to go kill them to save the day!

Right now it feels like the game is missing some other races, humans and night elves are kinda old-school and nothing original.

Although they both have their own special racial skills, like elves are better healers than humans.

At this point, the wordoriginalityis thrown into dust: There just isn't anything that we haven't seen in other games, except for the runes but they're not really that huge. Yes, lots of advertisement and some nice trailers do lead to lots of players, but when you really take a closer look, it's just another boring MMO game. The visuals are really dated, the PvE gets boring right after the starting area, the PvP is hidden, separate secondary c l a s s system leveling is terribly annoying and the lack of additional races makes it kind of limited.

Rating: 5.0/10

What's your favorite free MMO?

My Best of 2010

I thought I should list my best of 2010 games, so lets all just shut up and start, shall we:

Most Surprisingly Good Game - Singularity

Best Story - Mass Effect 2

Best Graphics, Technical - Mass Effect 2

Best Graphics, Artistic - God of War III

Best New Character - Bayonetta

Best Expansion Pack - Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising

Best Downloadable Console Game - Limbo

Best Downloadable Content - Left 4 Dead 2: The Passing

Best Atmosphere - Alan Wake

Best Original Music - Mass Effect 2

Best Sound Design - Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Best Voice Acting - Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

Best Use of a Creative License - Transformers: War For Cybertron

Funniest Game - Dead Rising 2

Best Cooperative Multiplayer - Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

Best Competitive Multiplayer - Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

Best Original Game Mechanic - Vanquish

Most Improved Sequel - Red Dead Redemption

Best Implementation of User Generated Content - Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

Best Original IP - Bayonetta

Best Boss Fights - God of War III

Most Memorable Moment - Mass Effect 2 Opening Scene

Best UK-Developed Game - Blur

Most Surprising Game to Make It Past Aussie Censors - Dead Rising 2

Best Writing/Dialogue - Mass Effect 2

Best Ending - God of War III

Most Disappointing Game - C&C 4: Tiberian Twilight

Flat-Out Worst Game - Prison Break: The Conspiracy

Worst Game Everyone Played - Final Fantasy XIV Online

Best Game No One Played - Vanquish

Least Improved Sequel - Star Wars: TFU 2

Worst DLC for Good Games - Dragon Age: Origins Witch Hunt

Best Action/Adventure Game - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Best Driving Game - NFS: Hot Pursuit

Best Platformer - Super Meat Boy

Best Puzzle Game - Limbo

Best Rhythm/Music Game - Just Dance 2

Best RPG - Mass Effect 2

Best Shooter - Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Best Sports Game - FIFA Soccer 11

Best Strategy Game - Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

Best PC Game -Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

Best Xbox 360 Game - Mass Effect 2

Best PS3 Game - God of War III

Best Wii Game - Super Mario Galaxy 2

Best PSP Game -Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Best DS Game - Dark Void Zero

Game of the Year - Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

What's your GOTY?

Back From The Mists & Thoughts on 2 MMOs

As the title says, I am finally back to GS and will start posting blog posts again and in this post I will be talking about WoW: Cataclysm and Guild Wars 2.

Now a lot of you may have seen the comments saying almost the same thing, 'Guild Wars 2 will be the WoW Killer, WoW sucks'.

Now I don't think that's right. Yes, even though WoW has been around for about 6 and soon 7 years, it is still not boring and it pretty much doesn't suck. Why? Well it's constantly being updated with new features and the Cataclysm expansion is terrific.

The changes made to Azeroth are amazing, the new Night Elven 10-20 Area looks gorgeous and the new raids and dungeons are just too good. The quests have also been spiced up, adding other mechanics to the game, for example entering a robot form and just smashing gnomes to the death.

The changes they've made to the classes and talent system are also neat, yes even though it makes everything even more easy, but still, it's nice. For example I'm pretty sure they removed AMMO because they new that ammo didn't cost a lot and that it was useless to force the player to go buy AMMO, it also takes up space. And the fact that Hunters now start with a pet is also nice, because from the beginning, you actually do feel like a 'hunter'. And may I also say that the Water Elemental looks amazing.

So, I am definitely saying no to these kind of comments, because Guild Wars 2 and WoW kinda feel like 2 different games. Yes WoW has its bad sides and I'm sure that GW2 will also have some issues. I mean like, looking at the games coming out these years, WoW is definitely better than any of them.

Now to Guild Wars 2: The visuals look kinda nice, I like the artistic style and the animations also look nice. The characters that have been revealed so far are really kicking ass, my favorite so far would be the Elementalist and next the Necromancer. The events system is also kinda unique and the city of Ascalon is just huge. ArenaNet is like Blizzard Entertainment, they're taking their time and will not be releasing an unpolished game for sure.

See ya guys! Also please do track me, it kinda feels like I'm talking to myself.

Starcraft II : Review

Starcraft II : Wings of Liberty - Review

Graphics: Starcraft II has improved the Starcraft graphics drastically. The projectiles look amazing, the models are well detailed and the effects are stunning.

Gameplay: The core gameplay hasn't changed much, but the new additions, for example xel'naga towers, only one entrance or two to your base and the new units and the old ones improved, just make the game a lot of fun and it gets you hooked.

Replay Value: Not only would you want to replay the campaign, but also play thousands of multiplayer league games or custom games. They're that good.

Story: The story is excellent, continuing where it stopped in Brood war. The dialogues are nice, the cutscenes look amazing and the mission variety is just astonishingly good.

Overall the long wait was worth it and I recommend any gamer to check it out.

Rating: 10/10

Warcraft III Review

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne is an expansion for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.

Story: The Story continues where it was left off in reign of chaos and it's even more intense. The Cinematics make it even more dramatic, making it one of the best storylines in the Video Game History.

Fun Factor: The Campaign is overall easy to finish, but when you're playing melee games or custom games in, then you will be addicted to it. In melee games, you have to react fast and use teamwork in order to win. In custom games, which people made, you have different objectives, one of the most popular custom maps is Defense of the Ancients, made by Icefrog.

Other Features: One of the other amazing features of Warcraft III is the world editor which lets people create anything they want! It's so powerful, that you can create 2d games, remake other video games like Diablo III or Supreme Commander.

Performance: Warcraft III runs well on almost every pc. Its Graphics are amazing for its time, but it's not something "memorable".

Overall: 10.0

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