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My Favorite Games of all time!!!

Mortal Kombat

Grand Theft Auto Series


Assassins Creed

Halo Series

Street Fighter Series

Kane and Lynch

Sorry Jeff

Gears of War


Dang thats BIG

Devil May Cry Series

The Elder Scrolls Series

Thief Series


Dead Rising

This Blows!!!

I have all my games on a 360 gamertag thats not xbox live. Many, many acchvments and all that. But then I got my Live gamertag and now I must do it all over agian.

What I Have Been Playing!!!


The overall story within Assassin's Creed is set in September 2012, where barkeeper Desmond Miles (the character controlled by the player) has been kidnapped by an unknown person prior to the start of the game, and is brought to Abstergo Industries, where researchers are working on the Animus project. The Animus is able to pull out memories from the DNA of the user, allowing the user to replay those memories as if he were there himself. Desmond was "chosen" for the project due to his relationship to his ancestor Altaïr Ibn La-Ahad (ا4;طائر Al-taa-ir in Arabic "The Flying One") a member of the Assassins during the Third Crusade of the Holy Land; the researchers express interest in understanding more of how the Assassins worked. Though initially Desmond's sub-conscious rejects the memories of Altaïr, he eventually learns to accept them and is able to proceed to follow Altaïr's actions through the Animus.

The memories of Altaïr that Desmond experiences start in AD 1191: Richard the Lionheart has just recaptured the port city of Acre from the Conquer of Muslims. With a base of operations established, the Crusaders prepare to march south. Their true target is Jerusalem - which they intend to recapture for Christianity. However the Muslim forces are massing in the ruins of Arsuf, intending to ambush the Crusaders and prevent them from reaching Jerusalem. These war maneuvers have left the rest of the Holy Land wide open. While Richard and Saladin battle one another, the men left to govern in their stead have begun taking advantage of their newfound positions of power. Exploitation, manipulation, and provocation rule the day.



The game begins aboard the experimental Human Systems Alliance frigate SSV Normandy, commanded by Captain Anderson and his executive officer, Commander Shepard. The Normandy is being sent to the human colony world of Eden Prime to recover a beacon built by a highly advanced extinct race, the Protheans. To assist in recovering the beacon, the Citadel Council, the main government for most of the galaxy, have sent one of their top agents, a turian "Spectre" named Nihlus.

Nihlus, Shepard, and a small team discover that the Eden Prime colony is under attack by alien synthetic life forms known as the geth. Nihlus encounters and is then killed by another turian Spectre named Saren. Saren orders the geth to destroy the colony, but Shepard prevents them from doing so. After the battle ends, Shepard discovers the beacon and accidentally activates it, receiving a vision of biological creatures being slaughtered by machines.

The Normandy and its crew are summoned by Ambassador Udina to the Citadel to report on Saren. The Citadel Council concludes that there is not enough evidence to charge Saren with treason. Shepard discovers a recording of a conversation between Saren and one of his allies, an asari Matriarch named Benezia, discussing their victory on Eden Prime. The recording also mentions the return of a force known as the "Reapers", which the geth believe are a race of sentient machines that wiped out the Protheans, as well as an artifact called the "Conduit". Confronted with this evidence, the Council revokes Saren's status as a Spectre. Since the Council cannot send their fleet after Saren without provoking a major war with the independent Terminus Systems, they decide instead to make Shepard the first human Spectre, and charge him/her with hunting down Saren.


Image:Deadrising boxart.jpg

The game focuses on the exploits of Frank West, a photojournalist investigating why the fictional town of Willamette, Colorado has been sealed off by the National Guard. Frank is dropped on top of the city's mall by helicopter. Frank tells the pilot, Ed Deluca, to return in exactly 72 hours. Upon entering the mall, Frank finds zombies storming in through the front entrance. A Homeland Security officer named Brad urges everyone to retreat to the security room. Upon entering, the janitor, Otis Washington, welds the door shut. Brad then leaves the security room via the air ducts. Jessie, also of Homeland Security, recognizes an old man she identifies as Dr. Barnaby in one of Frank's photos, but neither Brad nor Jessie are willing to share what they know. After receiving a transceiver and map from Otis in order to be kept informed of the mall's events, Frank returns to the mall through the air ducts. He encounters survivors who need his assistance to the security room, as well as other people driven to madness by the zombie infestation, known as Psychopaths.

As the story unfolds, Frank and Brad have a series of violent encounters with Carlito, a mysterious Hispanic man, while Frank continues to come across a beautiful Mexican woman named Isabela. Frank and Brad are eventually able to bring Dr. Barnaby and later, Isabela to the security room. Isabela reveals she is Carlito's sister and that Dr. Barnaby was the head of a research laboratory in the fictional Central American city of Santa Cabeza, the hometown of Carlito and Isabela. The research facility was attempting to find methods of mass-producing cattle, but instead, Barnaby and his team discovered an insect called a "queen" that would turn the cattle into zombies with a single sting. After one of the "queens" escaped and infected the town of Santa Cabeza, the US government sent a Special Forces team in to wipe out the entire city. The massacre was covered up under the pretenses that it was a raid on drug-trade operations. Outraged over the slaughter of his people and home, Carlito released "queens" in Willamette in revenge. Once the importance of Dr. Barnaby is revealed, he suddenly turns into a zombie and attacks Jessie, but is shot in the head by Brad before he can harm Frank.



The Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock gameplay remains unchanged from previous titles in the series; the player must hit notes as they scroll towards the bottom of the screen in time with music in order to maintain their performance and to score points. Hitting notes using the guitar controller requires strumming the strum bar while holding down the correct fret button(s). Playing with the standard controller only requires the correct button to be pressed. Notes can be sustained (in which the fret button(s) must remain held until the note is complete) and can also form a chord (2 or 3 notes played together). The game also simulates hammer-ons and pull-offs for sections with a rapid series of notes. Missing a note will cause a performance meter to drop; if this meter drops too low, the player will fail the song, represented in-game by the band being booed off the stage. A string of 10 consecutive correct notes earns a multiplier to increase the player's score (up until four times), and special sections, marked by starred notes, can be used to build Star Power; when released (by tilting the guitar controller up vertically or hitting a button on a standard controller), the player's multiplier is doubled, and there is less of a penalty for missing notes. As with the previous games in the series, Guitar Hero III contains four difficulty levels: Easy (which uses three of the fret buttons); Medium (which makes use of four of the fret buttons); Hard (which utilizes all five fret buttons); and Expert (which adds no new fret buttons, but increases the number of notes and the general difficulty).


Image:Halo 3 final boxshot.JPG

Taking place shortly after the events of the comic mini-series, Halo: Uprising, Halo 3 begins with the Master Chief entering Earth's atmosphere and smashing to the ground, where he is found by Sergeant Major Avery Johnson and the Arbiter. The Chief, Johnson, and company fight their way to a UNSC outpost. Here, Commander Keyes and Lord Hood plan a last-ditch effort to stop the Covenant leader, the High Prophet of Truth, from activating a Forerunner (an extinct, highly advanced race) artifact uncovered in the ruins of Mombasa, Kenya. The Chief is ordered to clear a way into the city of Voi, and destroy all anti-air Covenant defenses so that Hood can lead the last of Earth's ships against the Prophet. Using the opening caused by the ground attack, Hood mounts an offensive against Truth's ship, but the Prophet activates the buried artifact and creates an enormous, stable slipspace portal which he and his followers enter. As the human ships attempt to recover from the shock wave, a ship controlled by the Flood, a parasitic race which caused the destruction of the Forerunners, arrives via slipspace and crash-lands nearby.Covenant Elite forces, now allied with humanity, arrive on Earth, and help glass Flood-infected areas of Earth, neutralizing the parasitic threat. Following the cryptic message from the human A.I. construct Cortana left aboard the Flood cruiser, the Master Chief, Arbiter, Elites, Johnson, Keyes and a handful of marines follow Truth through the portal. Joining them is the Forerunner construct 343 Guilty Spark, who decides to aid the Master Chief, since his ringworld was destroyed in Halo: Combat Evolved.



The story is told from a perspective of a British 22nd Special Air Service Regiment operative in Russia and a USMC 1st Force Recon operative in the Middle East. Though the game specifies a location within a country for all of the SAS parts of the game, the Middle Eastern country the USMC invade is unknown. By the geography of the pre-mission maps, it is presumably near or in Saudi Arabia. The game also features a flashback mission set 15 years ago in Pripyat, Ukraine, an abandoned city within the Chernobyl Zone of Alienation, which features a younger incarnation of Captain Price from the 22nd SAS Regiment.

Thats all for now...

Halo 4 Story

Master Chief is in another universe. He must travel back to his universe and get back to Earth. The Flood are in the billions. they havehuge armys. The Flood are taking over the whole universe.

The Future of GTA4

This is whats going to happend,

1. Its going to get a rating of A for Adult

2.More and more people are going to press charges on the company for making the game.

3.Rockstar will run out of money from all this charges and go out of business

4.There will be The word F$#@ in every sentence

5.It will have Nudity in it.

6.Most inportant Get the game as soon as it comes out they will take the game off the shelfs within 1-6 weeks or days!!!