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Back to gaming...

It's been long time since I posted here. Reason I came back is to check some of X-Box games. With rescent purchase of X-Box I now got all consoles from that generation, and now I'm after some exclusive games for this console. I already have Helo, Unreal Turnament and couple other games.

Hopefully I will stay here longer, as last time I just got frustrated with popups and ads.

I'm back! And I got great news! :)

It's being long time since last time I posted. In mean time happened a lot of things. Biggest one of all is that I became a father.

On July 18, my wife and I got our little daughter, Hanna.

Except from being busy with newborn, I am attending 2 classes at university and very rarely playing games.

Just finished with Nintendo 64 Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer (which I can’t add as it’s not listed in N64 game list) and more then half done with Alien vs. Predator 2, which I find very interesting.

I hope to post more often! :)

After thousands years of war.... TA completed!

After bloody battle with looses greater then 1000 on each side, Core force prevailed and annihilated Arms Commander which marked Arms downfall.
I was forced to produce new units and send them in to a battle just so that my construction units create powerful war machinery with +60 metals production and +3000 energy units boost, which came handy in building advanced technology. With strong ground forces I was able to counter strike Arm forces, and with high air support I was able to finish hardest mission of all, 50th mission.
Well, thousands year struggle came to an end. :)
Now it’s time to choose another game that I will complete. :) After couple other games I will play TA add-on.

Any suggestion on what is worth to play is welcomed!

Level 7 - Sectoid

Well, finally another level up. :)

It feels almost like playing some RPG game. :D

Other then that, it's Monday, not the best day of the week. Also this one is first day of spring semester. :?


Last night my sister in law had graduation ceremony (BA degree). I always liked this kind of ceremonies, as they mark end of hard work and end of studying and exams. I hope to be in the same row in a year.

It would be nice to finally be done with school, relax and be able to play some games. :D

But I am already thinking to sign classes for master degree. :?

TA core mission 19....

Well I got some time, so I finished couple more missions.

The whole weekend I had to remodel basement, as computer/game room will move downstairs, and current computer room will become baby's room as soon as baby arrives. :D

Advance Wars is also awesome game, and during this week I planed to write review for it. :)

Another game that I will write review is Total Annihilation.

Death by iPod?!

I know, it sounds strange, but that’s exactly what happened in Memphis, Tennessee. It is a bit old news, but still surprisingly strange…

iPod Used In Domestic Homicide

Well, there is a lesson to learn here: “Don’t mess with people’s music files!”

And on top of all that more bizarre is iPod's ad found on the same page with the news of murder with iPod. :? Some strange advertisements robot perhaps. :|

No school for 2 weeks

Well, last night's final test was not so bad, and after it I even managed to play two missions of TA. :oops:

So, right now I hope to have enough time in next two week to finish all core missions, and than hopefully play add-on for this game (can't remember the name atm).

It is nice to see that my friends list is growing, same as my level. Hope to get 6th level so that I can write some reviews. (Perhaps TA review first:))

Another final....

Even I'm in my early 30's, I'm still in the school. (They say that you can't be too old for more knowledge :D)

Tonight I will have another final exam, which will mark end of this semester.

But I will have only a week between of vacation, as I took summer classes.

Did not make any progress in TA at this time. :(
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