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I couldn't pin down any individual 'country'. I'd have to say the Soviet Union, Germany and Finland equally hold the majority of my interests. Of course the Eastern Front as a whole is my main interest, the most crucial theatre of the war in my opinion, in scope and size, as well as the most brutal, it presented the 'turning point'.

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You can claim that the father should have been charged if he had tracked the guy down and beat him to death, to be politically correct. But honestly, who gives a damn about the life of a child molester? Anybody that rids the earth of this scum, wether they're in the act or not, is doing a service to society.

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Russia is as normal on the wrong wide....Screw me I can't help my self.



Russia may be on the wrong wide, but they're not necessarily on the wrong side.

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The fact that Assad isn't letting journalists in the country makes me believe he's behind it, if the rebels were setting up these supposed attacks, then it would be in his best interest to let the world see it.



I've seen quite a few Russian journalists over there.

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As far as I know,

On my mother's side: Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and Italian.

On my father's side: Australian, English, Irish, Welsh, Scottish and German.

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What a great mindest.

New rule: Those earning minimum wage  do not have the right to marry or have children, ever.

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Mosin-Nagant M91/30

Mosin-Nagant M91

Mosin-Nagant M44

Omark 44

Lee Enfield No1 Mk3

Mauser K98k

Luger P08

Beretta Shotgun


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[QUOTE="Justinps2hero"]Because they have a great immigration policy, man, I wish the UK could grow some balls & do that. Hiddai
lol I assume in 10-20-30(whatever...) years frim now there'll be more muslims in europe than christians.

Gee, by that time I'd hope Europe would be completely free of religion.

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I'm really not sure what to make of this story as it occurred when I was only about seven years old, but it sticks with me. It was very early in the morning, I'd say about 1 or 2 O'clock when I suddenly awoke, I could see the moonlight beaming in from the window opposite my room. Now, my mother had a doily-on-a-rope sort of thing hanging from the  top of another door opposite my bedroom and in my mind it looked exactly like a noose, if you can imagine that, as I sat up I remember clearly what appeared to be a young girl in an old bed-gown with long, dark hair standing in front of this door staring at me, the rope of the doily was tight around her neck. I didin't know what to do, whether to call out, my parents what always ignore anything I'd yell about at night, so I just sat staring back for a short while until I pulled the covers over my head and just went to sleep. I couldn't have imagined it, it was so reall. The next morning I told my parents, they simply told me that I'd had a bad dream and not to worry. Later, I was doing some things in the shed and noticed something amongst the pile of antiques we had laying around in there, it was a very old, large photograph/portrait from the early 19th century, it was the young girl, clear as day, same gown, face, dark hair and all. Since then I haven't seen anything of the sort, but I did remove the doily, no idea what ever happened to the portrait. Just to clarify, this portrait was not of any family member, for some reason my mother used to enjoy purchasing old photographs and paintings of complete strangers and hanging them on the walls, the rest of the family hated it. Anyway, it was along time ago and childrens minds can run wild sometimes late at night, but needless to say it scares me to this day.

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Nothing, there's a rifle club across the road from my place :P