More Pics Yay!!!!!!!

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These are my favorite 2 Characters from all of my fav shows.

I Did Not Make Any Of These By The Way But They Are Awsume.


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I Cant Wait For This Movie To Come Out In America!

pn152.gif (358 bytes)My Three Favorite Pokemon

By The Way I Didnt Make Any Of These

one of my new favorite shows

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I never used to like family guy that much but i finally decided that it is one of my new favorite shows. My favorite character is probably peter because hes really funny. But i also like stewie because his evil, so whos your favorite character if you like Family guy?

Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2

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Yes I got it! This game is so fun I love playing Has itachi, and if any one else Has this game if you want you can post and state your Favorite character to play with. of course you can post anyways if you want to Feel Free. And Heres the pic! :)

best game ever!!

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.Hack G.U. is the best game I`ve ever played, I just beat it.So has anyone else beat it? My favorit weapon that i used so far is either spin course or broad wings.My Fav character is probably Haseo but im not sure yet, but I do know that i hate endrance with a pation.:).but tri Edege, Gaspard, and ovan Are pretty cool too.Oh and i like kuhn to :).

but, Vol.2 looks even better!And im pretty sure that based on the cover orca and bulmung are the main bad guys.Oh, and since it looks like they are taking over kite has the main bad guys, does anyone know if I actually killed kite or tri-edge, in the first game, cause im pretty sure I did?

this game was also really fun, but i like G.U. better.My fav Character in this game along with the other vol of .hack my fav is bumung and kite.But i wish kite would turn back into A good guy in the G.U. series.kite Rocks!!