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Why do I always give high rating scores

Basically, my profile includes only games I really enjoyed. And yes, I've played a lot more games than I've put in "My Collection". It's just that I didn't really enjobeey them all. And why don't I write review about all the rest? Well, let's say I just don't like to be critical. I really don't like giving low ratings to anybody ... I mean ... who am I to do that?! :) I just like being positive, despite the fact that I failed many times at this part of my life ... but that's another story ;) So, that's why when I write a review it will have score at least 8/10. And the reviewed games are eventually my favorites :)

So basically, that's it. In my profile you will find only games, I really liked.

Bottom line on that case, folks ;) And I appreciate all the guys, who rated my reviews as helpful :)

My Rating System

I'm starting a new rating system. In my future reviews, I'll rate PC games. The score will depend on 8 components:


1. Graphics (0-10) - Everybody wants to play good looking games, right?

2. Optimization/Performance (0-10)  - You don't have to have a NASA machine to play new games, right?

3. Audio (0-10) - This score shows how great the game sounds. 

4. Gameplay (0-10) - This score shows how comfortable the player feels. It indicates also how challenging the game is. 

5. Story (0-10) - You don't want to play a game without a interesting story, don't you?

6. Artificial Intelligence (0-10) - Nobody wants to see running people against walls. Or enemies looking at the ground and doing nothing.

7. Physics (0-10) - When something explodes, normally you fall on the ground. In some games you take damage, but you are not moving even an inch.

8. Realism (0-10) - Not necessary for every game. Some games are not made to show realism. But come on, it's 21 st. century, every game have to be real.

9. Total (1-10) - Total score of the game.