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A few things I've noticed while watching Monster

So far I'm on episode 24 and I've come to conclude that:

1a) The more time a character spends on-screen, the less likely he/she will be killed.

1b) The more time a character spends on-screen, said character has a higher chance of being saved at the very last second.

2) A lot of characters tend to be quite calm while being held at gun point (probably due to the above points).

Hopefully the series gets less predictable so that I can at least be entertained until the FMA Brotherhood finale releases.


Just a list of games coming out in a few months that I might get. Will be updated later

Final Fantasy XIII

Episodes From Liberty City

No More Heroes

New guitar cover (1,000,000-Nine Inch Nails)

Here it is on Youtube!

1 million-NIN

Please view, rate, comment, send to whomever etc. Also, read the description as there is some important information in there.

And if you missed it from my last blog...Infamy-Modern Warfare 2 OST cover. View, rate, same as above.

My younger brother got Uncharted 2 a few weeks ago. Pretty damn fun game with an excellent SP and MP. I may elaborate more on this later, but now I have homework. I give it a 9.5!

Update (Nov)

First of all, I uploaded a guitar cover a few days ago but here it is.

Some of you may have seen it from thread. If you haven't though I'd be thankful if you were to check it out, comment, rate.

I'm thinking about recording a cover of Helix Nebula by Anamanaguchi this weekend.


If you've been wondering as to why I haven't blogged for a while it's because a lot has happened since July. My mom died a few days after my birthday. Since about August I've been angry at a lot of people (namely my dad) and I don't think I've ever felt more alone in my life. The amount of testing/quizzing that I've done since I started high school is much higher than last year, so most of my effort has gone to studying and practicing guitar.

So, the reason that I have been trying to find the right words. The paragraph above is only vague represantation of what's going on in my life. But, I've felt that all of you who wished me luck in July (whom I really can't thank enough) deserve some sort of update. One that I've put off for far to long.

I've noticed that in past few months one of the thing that I've wanted the most in life was recognition for what I've earned. Even today my dad has hardly even in a passing interest in my guitar playing, doesn't say more than a "good job" when I get a 4.0(+) GPA, and scolded me when I got a D on one test (even as going as far to say that I had no excuse for it). I believe this is where I get what I now firmly believe is Avoidant Personality Disorder. I've even been considering going to my counselor about this, but I have never even met.


My younger brother got Uncharted 2 for his birthday. If you want to play just message me on PSN to work something out. I also play Blazblue from time to time.


Well, this turned out longer than I expected and now I'm 20 mins behind on my homework.

Until next time



On July 8th, a legend was born! :P

For my b-day I told my dad I wanted a new skateboard. The only shop we could find was a general sporting goods one. After a quick debate over the quality of the boards, my dad decided to finally order me one from the Internet (specifically skatewarehouse). I chose this deck.


The reason why we didn't do this in the first place is because my parents have had bad experiences with online stores. And apperantly he thinks they're gonna screw this one up so he can "show me who's right." :|

Everything else in my life, for lack I have a better word, has sucked majorly. My mom's cancer has spread pretty much throughout her whole body. The few friends I made in Arizona are moving to different districts. And what I strongly suspect to be a case of Avoidant Personality Disorder is getting worse. Right now I have nothing but loathing for the day summer ends and I start high school. I just wish my mom could fully recover and for us to move back to Missouri.

I've gotten into a routine for exercising, using my laptop, drawing, and reading at night before bed, so my drawings have gotten better. Here's the most recent one.

(Click for original size)

PS-To everyone that I (Genesis IX) have on my PSN friends list, I haven't logged in for a while, because router got messed up. I'm not sure if I'll get a new one.

Please check out our new site

We use the main page as our wordpress for various gaming related posts. And our forum is an evergrowing experience with a dedicated community. My username on the site is GenesisIX.

Forlorn Watchers

Also, I finished Black Lagoon a few weeks ago. Best anime ever :D

"YEAH!!! You got ****ed!!!"

Holy ****, I just started watching Black Lagoon and so far it's AMAZING.

I'm currently only watching episode 2, but the strategy they pulled off (can't be too specific :P) was crazy!

So, yeah, I'll be watching this until Sony fixes the HQ/HD button on Youtube so Code Geass doesn't look so blurry on my PS3. And if you don't already know Bandai has uploaded all of season 1 to YT.

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