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Now that i have Pokemon: SoulSliver, i though about going back and reviewing games including finishing by Jax series with brushing out Jak 3 and starting my review of that again (lost the other one). Hopefully i can get that done in a few days depending on how much college work i've done. Will also start reviewing more Xbox 360 games.

Very Important Please Read!!!

I'm taking a break from Gamespot to prepare for my exams, so i will be taking breaks off my officer duties at Man.United Union and World Wrestling Everybody Union.

Till Next Time

Holiday for a week

Starting next monday, i won't be here as i'm on holiday for the week so i'd try to post here more often until then. (not that much seeing as how i need to play Guitar Hero 3).

P.S. Plus this puts on some holds of plans of making a Rockstar Union.

New Game!

I have Guitar Hero 3: Legends Of Rock on 360 today. It's fantastic and very solid game. Just like when i played Rockband.

Damn shops and Rockin'

Managing to keep up with everyone in gaming takes a while, so choosing between Tekken 4 and Saints Row in a 2nd Hand shop (pretty decent shop) is tough, but i regret buying Tekken 4 now because the movies don't even work, which lead me to think that years ago Tekken 3's cut-scenes didn't work neither but they worked after a while and i can't sell it back because i can't find the reciet. I maswell leave it for a couple of weeks and hope it recovers.

Anyway i brought more and more Xbox games seeing as how i've completed GTA IV in a month and a few days makes it look like a cheap verison of life, Mass Effect's still good even though i can't get past the resident evil level, i also brough Star Wars: Republic Commando for £4.00, in fact i JUST brought it so there's a really big time diffrence. I played RockBand for the first time struck at the first go, but the second go was much more better, i'm think of buying this game though it will take me till christmas depending on how much money i've got.

P.S: I've also got Guitar Hero on DS, might be looking forward to that, That's IF i am.

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XBox 360

Got my XBox 360 with some games on my birthday two days ago. Viva Pinata, Project Gothan Racing 3, Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, Kameo and GTAIV!
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