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Thoughts: Xbox live Arcade.

So i was sitting at my computer, minding my own business. I decided to watch some of the Weskers blogs since i find them to be quite enjoyable. I was watching untill he said the words Doom and Xbox live arcade in the same sentence ( yeah i know thats 3 words...) after which i literally ran from my seat at my computer to download the product. What this little fable is supposed to tell you, you ask? It is supposed to tell you that xbox live arcade is great. I've spent a good sum of cash on these arcade classics and having them on my 360 with achievemts makes it well worth the purchase. Xbox live arcade is just getting better all the time, with already great titles such as Street Fighter Hyper Fighting, Doom, and SMash tv its hard to see how it could get any better. Maybe im just exited that dooms out since thats probally in my top 10 games of all time but you know meh... well thats enough ranting for now im probally blogging your ear out. Let me know what you think about Xbox live arcade or possible send me a message and we can play on live sometime. Alright peace.


Recent happenings...

I've been mostly hanging around lately. Progress reports came around all A's and B's ...not that you really care. I recently bought Disgaea 2 which is cool. Its a good game i havent got to spend much time with it though. Other than that my days break down to as simple pattern.


Hang out with friends a bit




and thats usually it.

I've had a couple new ideas for some music videos so you'll probally see those up soon if i can find myself some time. Well alright DOOODS! im going to head out.

A day in the life.

Well i thought if any of you cared to lend an ear, that i may rant about my life for a bit. School has started out hectic, ive had so much homwork these past couple days. heres my classes if you care to see

A days:

A1 Biology

A2 Business Orientation.

A3 P.E.

A4 Art 1

B Days:

B1 Algerbra 1

B2 Drafting

B3 Geography

B4 AP English

Yeah tons of homework. I actually went a whole week without playing a game...yeah i know it was crazy. I almost did wrestling but coulnd't since i just had too much damn homework!! lol. Schools been fine, back with the same group of kids its all good. Overall Life is good other than me getting sick this weekend. Please feel free to leave comments on how your going back to school experiance has been.

- Vamp

WoW where did my life go?

Man i got wow awhile ago and i might as well have been in some sort of social hibernation, because i havent been doing much of anything else. Yeah this is bad, i havent been on final gear much as of late ( GOING to change ) and i havent been doing much of anything...of course this will all change when school comes around and and pimp smacks me in the face with its god awful hours. But indeed this game is worse than evercrack.....World of warcrack...well newho im going to go play lol

Long time no see.

Nah im not stop clapping...newho I've recently purchased a new computer and we were pretty busy setting it up and such so sorry i havent been so active on the union as of late ( not that anyone cares :( ) ok guys take care ill be more active now that my internet is fixed. taking the SSC challenge.

Standing for Straight character challenge. after beating FFT i found this on game faqs so i decided to give it a seems really challenging so i have to give it a go. here are the rules of competition.

>>1. Party must consist of 5 Characters, all set to the same job class.
      Characters must attain Job before Dorter Trade City, and remain in
      that class.

>>2. Characters can not use any other abilities of any other class at all.
      Any Support, Movement, and Reaction skills must come from their own
      Job Class.


       In a Squire challenge, I recommend Ramza to be treated as if he were
       a regular Squire (ie. Ignore benefits not given to other Squires,
       like his Guts ability and extra equips) GS'ing Ramz. into a normal
       Squire may be the best solution. Again, this is nothing more than a

>>3. Special Characters are not allowed, as their enhanced growth can
      dilute the challenge.

>>4. High leveling up is not allowed either. The following Level Caps have
      been set as maximums for all job classes:
          -Chapter 1: 20
          -Chapter 2: 35
          -Chapter 3: 50
          -Chapter 4: 70 - Before Murond Death City
      However, remember to use your judgement. These levels shouldn't be
      approached with most classes. The stronger your class, the lower your
      levels should accordingly be. Also, because sqpat17 pointed it out,
      if you take on Mime (and perhaps Calculator), and go _over_ the level
      cap just to get to the class, don't worry about it and carry on, of
      course don't level up after that until you're below the cap.

>>5. Again, you may not use Gained JP Up, Secret Hunt, Move-Find Item, etc.
      unless your character naturally has it in their class. This is the
      same as rule #2, but I need to state it twice because this is the most
      common mistake.

>>6. Guest Characters can become whatever you wish. A strong Algus and
      Delita are pretty much required to beat early battles for many
      classes. Guest Characters may be stripped of their equipment.

>>7. Monsters can NOT be recruited. If a Human is recruited through
      Invite, he may be stripped of equipment and then kicked out. Any
      Special Character can also be stripped and then removed.

>>8. If you have a problem in the game (Wiegraf, Balk II) use your better
      judgement. Depending on how much of a purist you are, judge whether
      to give yourself some leniency for a battle or not. To this date,
      it has proven possible to win any fight with just about any class,
      but anyone who thinks they're superior to you for completing this
      fight without any changes is an arse.

>>9. Later in the game, at Chapter 4, you may use a full party of Special
      Characters in a few random battles, just for the sake of your sanity.
      This applies mostly to people with very tedious jobs like Summoners,
      Mediators, and Bard/Dancers. Special Characters may NEVER be used in
      Story Battles or in the Deep Dungeon. [Mucho Gracias Dr Goofy]

>>10. You may not Dupe Weapons or use the Level Up/Down cheat. Neither of
       these is technically possible if you stick to the challenge, but it
       should be said anyway. [Thanks to Cyrus Viruz for pointing this out]

>>11. At no time may Ramza or any other character change the Brave or
       Faith of any character unless this ability comes from the selected
       Job Class (in other words, only Mediator).

>>12. You may not rise over the level cap to get better weapons from
       boxilized enemies and then level down to finish under the cap. Shame
       on you if you say you didn't but really did. You're going to hell,

>>13. Gameshark Rules: Gamesharks can be used in the following scenarios:

       A)The Dancer SCC: You may use the GS to create a team of 5 Dancers,
       instead of using Ramza as a Bard. I'm a GS idiot, so don't ask
       me about the codes for this.
       B)Easy Advancement: Too lazy to get to Bard, Dancer, or Mime? You
       may use the GS to open up any classes instead.
       C)Not Benefitial: You may use GS codes which make the game or the
       SCC more difficult, such as using the Hard Mode code.
       D)GS Classes: While not all of them will present the same challenge
       as the regular set, I'm now allowing GS class SCCs. I may even begin
       to take some strategies for this...

>>14. Side Quests: This arguement is still in development. Some say that
       if a class can make use of the Chapter 4 side quest, they should
       use it: Others think it's not staying true to the SCC if they do
       go through it. In truth, only Chemists and Thieves can really benefit
       from it. Personally, I don't see a problem with it... but there are
       a lot of purists out there...

>>15. If you don't like the regulations placed on the SCC, then do it your

>>16. The sixteenth rule of the Straight Character challenge is... don't

ack now this could be no fun....depends on the class really ...well  i rolled and with my luck BOOM squire. Imagine beating velious with 5 squires...ack i'd rather not. Newho if anyone wants to join me go ahead and i can roll you a number and a class. Ill try to keep an update on my this should be entertaining.

A Free laptop!

No, not for you but for me..thanks for coming though. Well my dad had his work laptop changed awhile back and since his old laptop has just been sitting around gaining dust the tech guy said that he should go ahead and take it back.....meaning free laptop for me. Its a good laptop too im pretty lucky..i mean its definitly good for the price :)


Well i played some castlevania the other day and despite it being in spanish i made it my mission since i was suffering from insomnia newho to beat it. And man is that a hard game. Death was one of the hardes't bosses i've faced in awhile and dracula is no breeze either, requiring surgeon like percision to read and defeat. Overall it was really a rewarding experiance and i'll have a review up soon in the mean time here are some pics of my trials and tribulations.

 Dracula = owned!

  That death bastard finally goes down...

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