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Tired of Right wing, left wing debate on DRM

Its late and I'm bored as hell. Combine that with the fun fact the new games I was thinking of purchasing for pc have the crazy new DRM and I find some fun stuff. Lets face it I got no problem buying games, even if I have to register it online before I play it, but having to be constantly on the net to verify it, is a huge in convince. Don't get me wrong the net is pretty reliable these days, but I share a router connection with people who seem to know when I'm in the middle of a major boss fight when I played WoW and reset the router on me. Even worse resetting the modem which gives me like 2 mins of downtime or more as I wait for everything to reconnect. Add in the fact I use a fairly new 35ft cable to connect to it which of course some one busted the plastic snap on, and every restart turns into a potential unplugging, and leaving the bad connector on my end is worse since moving my chair just right or tugging on a headset cable can unhook me. The only way I would even consider buying products with this is if I could get a crack or fix, hell Ive used no cds in the past just to save myself from hearing the old cdrom drive in my older comps from spinning. People cry all the time you should support the game industry when crack talk comes up, forgetting about the like 10% or so of legal owners who use it for convince. Convince the thing that greatly influences American commerce, it makes it so company's turn a blind eye to websites who illegaly sell MMO currency, and of course causes them to have business in the first place. Its what drives tv dinner, microwave, fast food, and even movie sales. Yet now its more about whats convenient for the big company's, putting insane crap on the cds decreases sales, but it helps them from worrying about what they could have lost. Even though most game sales like movie sales are peaked in the first month or so, and of course you never here in the mainstream about the horrible problems about the game the first month. I am willing to admit until about a year or two ago I bought a game simply off the hype-trailers, looking at the official website while I waited for release or the cash. Of course they never state on the sites the DRM problems, you never go to a sims homepage and see that a good 8% or more are complaining about DRM not recognizing there cds after patches, or that a fare amount use no cd patches both to solve and prevent cd error problems. Most site that features fixes or "cracks" typically have a disclaimer stating these are meant for owners of the software, and in no way dew they condone pirating or provide the game itself. Yet there's still this horrible stigma that the people who do this stuff are bad horrible, greedy, monsters. Heck it goes with out saying if the people want it some one will provide it, that's the most basic rule for business, its while there is business. The fun thing with this stuff is no ones selling it, and free is an amazing price to those who want something as cheap as they can get it. But from my fun searches mostly dew to either boredom or the rare case where I had problems with cds, misplaced, dmged or otherwise. Ive noticed its DRM that is the biggest pusher of pirates. Not to long ago EA released spore with a new DRM feature of confirming online, since there sims consumers were pretty mad at certain patches causing DRM to not recognize there old cds. The community argued in EA forums and so forth against it since the DRM problems of the past left a bad taste in there mouth. Some vowed to boycott the game but a lot instead realized boycotting a game or movie these days tends to give them free press suppose to drasticly hurt there sales. So it went from boycott to pirate, Spore was listed as the most pirated game with weeks of being released it was cracked, and spread across the net well in to the tens of thousands. Prior to Spore you would probably get about 10-12k first month, and a chunk of that would buy the game if they liked it. Yet again its convince getting it for free is nice, but keeping up with the patches when you don't have a way to play legally is not. I found it annoying waiting a week or so for a no cd patch for games such as Sims which I shared with the 3 people I lived with. The fun game of guess who has the cd, and where did they leave it made the time prior to a no cd inconvenient. The idea of using a broken/bugy patch for a week or more after the new patch release sounds way worse. Note sharing a copy in a household is not against the rules in fact the only games I shared were purchased from EA, which condones sharing in small households. Online activation at install is still my fave, although it can be bypassed just as easy as the old cd method. The few I've played that require online activation allow a set number of comps per purchase, and you can even send in emails with legit concerns or problems to get a few more. Of course online vitrifaction are my fave since they normally don't need the cd, and personally I have never used up all my licenses from the purchase. I feel anymore then 3 comps per on purchase is a bit wasteful, most people have one dedicated gaming rig, and allowing a household member to use it is more a courtesy given to family, or a close roommate. I still prefer roommates to buy there own copy, but with family I make exceptions if its in the best interest. For example after getting the base game and 2 expansions on my own then moving in with family who owned the same ones, we all agreed it would be cheaper to pass the next expansions around then if we part ways to simply purchase individual copies for ourselves again. Anyone who has read this far into my rant is probably asking what spared all this on, or are already think of the simple "cracks are bad" answers, or the "go pirates" answer. Which is what led me to change my topic name since just like any political topic you typically only see the Hard right or left answers, the middle who wouldn't mind compromising almost always is forced to pick a team. Which is sad since that's the whole point of a judge/arbitrator to look at it through both eyes, and work out a compromise, with the exception of guilty non guilty cases. Politics whether they be game or otherwise realty lack the set in stone guilty or non guilty. That's how its suppose to be so it can evolve, the golden rule for anything that wants to last is adapt or die. Look at any system, whether it be government, banking industry, or games and tell me they got it right the first time, and had no need to change. So basically add in my announce over the media, which I won't discuss since this is meant for gaming. The root of all this is fun fact I found an a post here claiming a hacker group declared war more or less by hacking there website, and leaving a message of a crack is coming which did nothing but make DRM look pro, and the hackers look bad was a fake. There is nothing sighting it as legit, but it spread pretty fast on the net, and the lack of the crack release after the fake pic's release did nothing but make them look more like punks. Of course I also found an article at which called it a hoax, and had a message from the group stating they didn't do that, and have no intention of doing it there goal is to beat the other hackers to the punch with cracks, not to start a war. Which is how I always viewed the professional teams anyways, its a game of who can crack it the faster, and with drm its more of a competition then a war. The harder DRM gets the more of a challenge it is for them, there not getting paid for it, its for the challenge and barging rights. And the more inconvenient DRM makes it on the consumer the more they come off as robin-hoods of cyberland, every time DRM ups the game they lose support and the left wingers, and right wingers come out of the wood works, which just like GTA found out does nothing more them free press. Speaking out against crackers is as useful as boycotting a game, in the end you just letting them get there name and work out there, with out paying for an add. A prim example of it doing no good whatsoever is the Disney boycott, I didn't even know it existed till the group announced they ended it.

True gaming...

Seems like I run into a lot of people who think Halo or WoW is hardcore gaming, or real gaming. I saw people posting on an article that stated Wii sold more copies in the time of launch till that article then any system in North America. Sure enough there were plenty who only saw the 7 million sold in Japan title and stated that it needs work or shooters to get out of last place... the article stated its the fastest selling console... And on top of that I grew up gaming, my family was poor so I started with an old Atari and worked my way up. Ive played almost every system sold in the US to my knowledge, the one that escaped me was Sega Saturn but other then that I only missed out on hand helds which I did tinker with just never owned or had access to them, except Game Gear. Seems like a lot of people especially those who don't realize Wii, winch although I not a huge fan, is outselling the rest. The thing that gets me is that kids or adults I'm not sure think consoles are shooters. A foreign concept to any past console system, I still to this day see a shooter, and think pc, I've always gone with a pc version of a shooter over console, originally it was the only way to get large battles of people, and to this day you still get more people going at it in one server or match with pc games then with xbox. Console games are not shooters by default, there not bad on console, but until halo it was not a norm. Halo FYI never did a thing for me, at the time I bought the 2nd one it got boring fast, and the idea my friends kept pushing that its good on xbox live was a joke, considering at the time, I would play Planetside, which with all its crappy problems provided one hard core element no console has ever done, massive player count battles going into the 100s just for each faction on a large scale continent map. 4-4 or any other smaller element did not really fill the void of growing up with Delta Force, or Battle Field games, and having standard servers of 32+ players. But for those weekend warriors who swear by xbox live, and the tiny little controlled battles, I say good for you, but don't try to keep pushing these companys to carting to you, sure theres more people who would rather own a console, its kind of like the apple of gaming, less problems, but in the end your missing out. In fact its a lot like that, since apple users can't even dream of running the really good shooters, since like all great games not on console there not made for simplistic idiot friendly macs. Not saying console users or mac owners are dumb, but it is a fact there both extremely easy compared to a pc which requires updates, upgrades and finding ways around simple problems to run things, of course once its running it will normally live up to or exceed what little work you dump in to keep them running smooth. In conclusion I own almost every console sold in the US, if not I have friends who own them, i.e. PS3, and Wii both of which I own games for even though I have to go to a neighbors to play it. But in the end I go back to the temptation of my comp, even though with vista it can take a long time to get things going smoothly I still enjoy playing with out xbox live, or the other things, which derive off of a Sega service that I use to dream of getting as a kid. If you can remember that Sega service that never took off then I got no problem calling you a real gamer, sadly the best terms for some of the new age xbox spawned gamers is the word newb. Oh yeah that also goes for WoW spawned gamers, the many who never touched a real game till blizz, the ones who will probably never realize every awesome new feature blizz thinks up is way older then WoW itself... and normally taken from the nice little survey you fill when you cancel.