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It's been a while from the last time I wrote a blog about my personal updates. I guess I wasn't in the mood for it.

First of all, I'll tell you what I have been through lately. I was a bit lost from Gamespot and Fuse lately as I was working in Accountancy in a school as a replacement. It was the most demanding job I've ever had. My days back then used to be very busy and after working, I went to university and then I went home and that was all I used to do. I was too stressed out, my qualifications started to decrease at university and my relationship went to trash due to that. But not everything was that bad. Thanks to that job, I got the best Halloween party ever, my beloved 360 and some videogames :) And I learned a lot from that job. It was definitely a great experience.

I'm currently working as an assistant teacher in Marketing area. It's not too demanding and I'm being able to improve my qualifications at university. And I can do other things, like get into sports again and gaming more (which I love the most). The paradox is, that I feel strange with all of this free time sometimes. I guess I need to get used to it :P

As for video games, I got Dead Rising 2 and Modern Warfare 3 and I've been having fun so far :) I still need to finish Amnesia: The Dark Descent though, so I won't be getting any more videogames for this year. Oh well, except Saints Row Double Pack. I can never know what video games I will get for Christmas though ;)

A new week is coming up and with it, my busy life turns on. I have to make a long class tomorrow, prepare a presentation for Wednesday, a meeting on Thursday and so the list keeps on going.

Over and out, mates!

*Bonus Track* Artist Of The Day: Chevelle.

Gamers Are Not A Stereotype - An Article Response

First of all, I apologize for being absent for such a long time. However, I have good reasons for that. Since my new job and university keep me busier than I would like to, I've been just having time to check out video games articles, your blogs and GameSpot Fuse. And for gaming, of course.

As an introduction, I would like to talk to you about something common nowadays. A while ago, I read an article named "5 Crucial Lessons Learned By Watching Kids Play Video Games" and I decided it was time to show up with my opinion about this. In a brief note, I will tell you this article talked about 5 stereotypes in youngers gamers such as "They Don't Tolerate Losing, So Modern Games Just Let Them Win", "They Have No Tolerance For Grinding", "If They Want To Read, They Will Buy A F*****g Book" and "Don't Like It, Break It". You can check out the article here, so you will see how my blog will be related to it.

# 5

We All Have Minor Tolerance At Losing, Let's Face It.

It's certainly true that video games nowadays aren't what they were 10 years ago or even in NES old days. But that doesn't mean gaming today is crappy. Gaming industry has evolved into a massive activity among youngens and elders. As every market worldwide, developers and publishers offer options to all kind of gamers. Those who like hardcore gaming, can go for Hard or Expert modes or maybe that blessed God Mode, like in God Of War, for instance. In those modes, you can't save the game until a certain checkpoint or until you're advanced in the game, so death is still an issue in video games nowadays. Oh, and there are Amateur and Easy modes for casual gamers. Nobody loses. And that's a happy ending for everyone, isn't it?

I remember I was playing Prototype once and I was very advanced in the game. Every single night, I used to stand for one or two hours to pass one mission at a time and this mission was specially difficult and in the middle of a fight, a blackout occurred. God, upset would be a nice word to describe how pissed off I was. I literally wanted to pull of my hair and throw my laptop off the window in rage. But I controlled myself. I'm a grown up, I said to myself. I can live with this, even when it took two hours of my life and even when I have to work tomorrow morning and I've slept less for playing this game. Damn! Rage was coming up again. I couldn't sleep figuring out how I would pass that mission again in less time.

With that example, you can see death is still an issue for gamers like me. And I know you can relate to that episode of my life, and if you don't, don't worry. I'll go by myself to get locked in a padding room. Ha ha.

# 4

"Grinding" Could Be Useful or We Could Check If Luck Is By Our Side.

Every game has some "workload" on it. In minor or major quantities, but they do. It's in our hands to take it or not. But note this, if we don't, we could regret it when we less expect it. In the final chapter of a game, for example.

Oh, snap! It was just a pain to get back to old places in Resident Evil: Nemesis just because I forgot a darn green plant in the middle of my rush to face Nemesis for the 50th time (obviously exaggerating, but it helps for the article, don't you think?). While I was running through the roads I was already mumbling and groaning and cussing at the developers and at Jill Valentine, but I went to the places where the holy green plant could be, because it was important when facing Nemesis or he would kill me with just one shot of his grenade launcher or whatever that huge gun was. And I did it, because "grinding" is still important in game industry.

And we have the option to just go blind and walk around unknown places without reading any maps and see what happens while we're in it. Some people just like surprises. We gotta respect that or won't we?

# 3

Reading? Suuure!

But they don't need to put a whole encyclopedia in a game. Measurement. Yes, please. We need to read instructions, notes, entrances and "guides-in-game" to understand stories and what in heaven we have to do when stuck.

I can't imagine not reading in Amnesia: The Dark Descent when Daniel, the main character is amnesic and can't remember a thing, but what he reads from time to time.

And as for games like Battlefield or Call Of Duty, I want reality, which means a "very nice" Sargent shouting instructions at me and making me take quick decisions. Because it's war and in war I won't have a Sargent or a Mayor sending me an e-mail or calling me on the phone to tell me that I have to move and pick up a gun and shoot at tanks.

On the other hand and as I pointed in # 4, some gamers would like to spend some time going around a city or a town to "discover" what comes next or who is around the corner. Maybe they enjoy when a monster appears from nowhere and says: Surprise! while killing you. Ha ha.

# 2

We Press "Skip Buttons" When Stories Are Just Not Immersing.

Period. If we think the story is atmospheric and it will get us immersed and blown away, we will follow the whole thingy until the game is over and our expression is wowing even after a week of having beaten the game. And I can think of games like Bioshock, Metro 2033 and Silent Hill: Homecoming for this point.

We can make a difference between "brainless fun" games like Dead Rising 2 or "brain cracker" games like Bioshock. And we do enjoy both genres, because we're not in the mood to play games that make us think and burn our neurones while playing it. Gamers nowadays are not the stereotype of an old gamer who was playing for weeks without seeing the light of a day.

Gamers nowadays have lives, families or like to hang out with friends from time to time. They have better lives, I have to say. And they can complement video games with life perfectly. And that's good for everyone, as we all know addictions are harmful.

Wanna rock out, dude? ;)

# 1

Using Cheats? No, Sir.

Cheats are the worst thing ever for a true gamer. And let me tell you, it's not a common thing among gamers. Some casual and impatient gamers use them, but we can't generalize. Gamers nowadays prefer to spend 40 hours of gaming in a "15 hours" game and not using cheats. And using cheats make you a scum among gamers. They won't want you in their clans and they won't want you around their servers. Hell yeah, the won't. They will kick you out everytime you want to try something like cheating or hacking in the middle of co-op action.

I know we always complain of the scum in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but that's not something we see in every single game around there. Lets tell the truth, some co-op games are just awesome. Like Battlefield: Bad Company 2 or Halo 4 or Call Of Duty 4.

If we see glitches or things going wrong in a game, we will complain or we will look for a patch to fix it up. We wouldn't like to cheat. That's bad (yeah, I'm acting like your father here lol). Maybe reading a "guide" when stuck in the middle of a chapter or a mission, but that's nothing too bad. Just healthy readings.

Thanks for reading. Over and out, gamers! :)

Downhill Fail

I've liked Extreme Sports and everything that involves an adrenaline rush since I can remember. I can't really explain why the sensation of danger gives me goosebumps and an insanely great excitement. And it's even harder to explain why it gets addictive once you try it.

Certainly, this is not about getting to kill yourself. This is about feeling new sensations. When routine gets boring, your life becomes more interesting when you try something different or new and that makes YOU feel comfortable about it.

I've been doing Mountain Biking from time to time and last Sunday, I wanted to try Downhill (a sort of Mountain Biking). But I made two mistakes. I didn't wear a helmet and I didn't use a proper bike. Guess what the result of that equation was? I had an accident. My friends and family in general told me that I could have died because of that accident. I don't know if that's true or not. I'm just thankful that it wasn't some like a big deal. I can't remember anything, because I had a blackout during the whole accident and the minutes later.

I went to a hill near my hometown with my mum to make my descent from there. I got to a high place after a curve and I started to ride. The first seconds were awesome. I felt that sensation of danger and those goosebumps immediately and as I started to earn speed, it was even more exciting. But after a while, the bike started to lose control and I thought to myself: 'You're going to crash'. I made a quick decision and I took a detour thinking that I would make the crash a bit easier. And I can't remember anything else. I just remember I got home and that I had a painful sensation in my head and in my face. I got a black eye quickly and during the following days, it got worse. That's when I went to see the doctor, she told me that I had multiple contusions and she gave me medical rest till tomorrow, so that means I have to skip university and work. My black eye is getting better, but my contusions still hurt. But the point is, I learned my lesson. Next time (yeah, there will be next time), I will use a proper bike and a helmet. No doubt about it :)

Happiness Comes In Small Packages

First of all, I'll make a victory dance because my second round of exams it's over and I got over some bad qualifications from the first round, so I made it! :D -makes victory dance- *note* Don't imagine the victory dance, please. You would probably round on the floor laughing at it.

My life has been all about university and work lately. It seems like there's no life beyond that, but somehow, I manage to do other things besides university. Well, anyway, if I don't do other things besides university, I would end up with a straitjacket in some white place haha. But well, I've been hanging out with friends. And I've been playing to FIFA 2011 mostly and some random stuff in Play Station Move. It has been cool, but I still have Brothers in Arms and Medal Of Honor waiting for me in the oldies section and I really want to play those games.

And as for music, I'm like obsessed with dubstep lately, specially Skrillex. That music definitely gives me goosebumps. Not like rock indeed, but in a different dimension and it's awesome.

Oh, and one last thing. I'm dying to see Midnight Meat Train again! I don't know why, so that's it.

Over and out, gamers! :P

Great Weekend and Some Other News!

It's Monday today! Blah! I hate Mondays! But even though it's Monday, I've had a great start of the week, as I had an awesome weekend. Which means a gaming weekend indeed :P And the best way to do it was invading my friend's place. Woo! I went to his place and we played on 360. I first played Black Ops in mode zombie and it was cool, though a bit surprising. Damn! I really hate zombies' nature haha. We played Marvel vs. Capcom and it was a blast. We also played Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 and it was really funny, as I'm kind of a noob playing football/soccer videogames. I used to give the goalkeeper some passes instead of doing a great shot for the goal! lol. My friend and I laughed as crazy because of my fails. After that, we went into SP missions in Sniper: Ghost Warrior. It was freaking hard, but we managed to pass some missions and we were getting kind of obsessed about the missions, when we realized that it was 04.30 in the morning and my friend had to work and I had a recuperative class the next day. My friend went to work after a little sleep and I skipped my class as I was too lazy to attend it lol.

And I had a nice time resting the rest of the weekend. My friend lent me Brothers In Arms: Road To Hill 30 and Medal Of Honor: Pacific Assault for PC. I know they're oldies, but I hope I enjoy them. I need to get back in the track of some oldies this year, not just going after the newbies :)

Bad news is that I caught a cold. I couldn't escape forever from it, so now my tonsils are getting swollen and the cold is getting closer. Creepy! Haha.

That's it at the moment. Over and out!

Chain of Events

I haven't touched a game in a while and I'm about to break :P I'm at the edge of left behind anything else and having a good rush of adrenaline by playing some videogames. Yeah! I mean, when that happens, nothing else will matter. Hmmm ... Is it me or I quoted a couple of songs I've been hearing lately? Well, I guess I will be busted. So, I'll confess. I've been listening to Slipknot, Linkin Park, Disturbed, Metallica and Limp Bizkit. Nice convo, huh? And I've been listening to Butterfly by Crazy Town. Oldie but goodie! Nice to remember such music I used to hear when I was a kid lol.

But well, I was talking about videogames. I have many offers to play lately. A friend of mine invited me to play some Mortal Kombat, Call Of Duty: Black Ops, GTA IV and many other games to his place in a 360 playing marathon and I will take the chance to kick his ass or something lol. Just kidding! Oh well, not really. And some students want us to make a mini championship of some shooters. And I'm fond of doing it with IT Department at university hehe.

Last weekend was a bit weird. I spent the whole Saturday morning in a Macroeconomics exam and after that, I started to feel really dizzy and like drowning. Because of it, I spent the whole Saturday afternoon at the clinic. Medical Diagnosis: Early Asthma. I remember I used to have breathing problems when I was a child, but I just don't get the idea of having it again. I feel like tired and gasping the most of the time. The doctor told me to not make any physical exertion and I'm currently using an inhaler and taking some pills for the fever and the cold. I hate it! I feel freaking weak and I'm not! :P

By now I can rest a bit of university as I already had my first round of exams. It was tiring and long and I already failed one of them, but it's nothing I cannot improve. I will make it better next time. I don't give up that easily.

That's it for now. I hope so :P Or at least, I hope to have good news :)

Can't wait!

Ok. I actually can wait till my 5 days off starting on Thursday :D But what I can't wait it's a gaming 5 days off. Yeah! I want to play till I get blind or something lol. But I will also make sure that I do some other stuff. I want to finish my reading of Lost Memories E-book and playing some street basketball if the weather is with me. I think it will according to Weather Channel :P The greatest thing is that I won't have to do anything for university during my 5 days off. That's awesome!And as I've been having hard weeks lately, this is perfect for me! But well, I'm chilling now watching Nitro Circus and doing some work for tomorrow and next week in general. But it's a short week, so it will worth a while!

Any gaming or activity suggestions? Because I need to use my time very well :P


It has been a long time since my last blog and now I don't know how to start this one lol. Last month has been really busy for me, but going through all that busy days, there is always time for a good videogame.

I already started my third year of university (just two more years and I will be out, in the business jungle haha) and I also started a new challenging job: teaching at university. I don't feel so much pressure at university today as I haven't started exams yet (not yet, please :P), but my work takes most of my time these days. Students seem to be learning though and that's great! It means I'm doing a good job lol. Somehow students like me, but I think it's normal due to my age. I'm still working on managing the stress anyway.

My family moved on my native town and now I'm like 2 hours by bus far away from them. I had to stay in the city because of university, so I'm by myself now. It feels weird and I miss my family, but this will be good as I pretend to take a postgrade abroad. I'm training myself :)

I've been having a blast lately playing Call of Duty and Counter-Strike. Not really interested on getting newest videogames at the moment. I'm looking forward of making a good collection starting with some oldies I left behind. And also getting some information to build my own PC. My laptop has saved me lately and I can play anywhere with it, including some game moments in university's cafeteria or classrooms lmao.

New Banner

Well, this blog is a special thanks to the creator of my new banner. Thanks @yellosnolvr :) This banner rocks! I wanted the bullet theme, because I love FPS and I think this banner would look like "me".

And, what do you think guys? Does it look cool?

I've been lost ...

First of all, my apologies to my union for my absence. I would also like to apologize with all my good friends in here for being lost and for losing track of your blogs. Now I'm back and I will read as much as I can everyday. I hope that helps as a reward for being lost :)

Alright. Now the reasons of why I've been lost. A couple of weeks ago my PC died. It was the worst thing in a long time, because I was not planning to buy a new one till next year as I wanted to get the Xbox 360 Slim. But I can't live without my PC, so next month I will be getting a new one and Xbox 360 Slim will have to wait a bit more. Besides, after the 8.8 (on Richter's scale) earthquake we had in here, things were quiet (or kind of quiet). But, about a week ago we had another little earthquake and we are expecting some other big one, announced by the scientists as an usual phenomenon. Some people is in panic here, so is my mom and I have to support her as much as I can.

By now, I've been playing some co-ops on Counter-Strike and some other RPGs. But not much and I can't wait till I get back to the gaming thing again. I've been also reading (I finished The Picture Of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde), watching many movies (Wanted, Black Hawk Down, Blade Trinity, Max Payne and so on) and listening to music (Arcade Fire, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot and some others). Hope to see you around guys!