Allo moto

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Another post, another year, month, day, hour, minute. Things are well, and I plan on using GameSpot more and more.. Signatures anyone? *goes to work*8)

Darkly Dreaming.

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I have been watching this slightly disturbing, yet immensely funny series about a forensics cop who specializes in blood spatter analysis doubles as a serial killer of the unjustly criminals of modern day Miami. I mean, the guy has no emotion, yet manages to fool everybody (well, almost everybody) into thinking him as the last person on Earth who would kill. I've got 2 episodes left on Season Two, the third of which is in production as we speak.

Talk about cravings. This show has me.

Dexteron iTunes


My computer is stupid

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I always get unlucky. I'm getting a persistent BIOS problem which is causing my PC to crash. My sound only comes out of 1 speaker. I get FPS dips like crazy, ARGH, it's freaking annoying. I want a new PC all together. Current Specs:
  • P4 2.7 GHZ Processor
  • 80 GB HD
  • LG 16x DVD, 52x24x52 CD Drive
  • Radeon 9600 XT 128 MB AGP
  • Don't know my POS sound card
  • POS sub-woofer/speakers
  • Whack ass case

And the saga continues ...

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Many of you know the demise of my beloved Mullet Union. Well, it seems that alot of us MU'ers are moving on, and find new homes here at GS. I've recently become a member to The Lounge, and have started upping my posts at Killerbud's League. My own UCB is gaining popularity as well. Despite it all, I miss the MU. I don't care how bad a shape it was in, I guess I'm so used to clicking on it in my favorites.

On a lighter note, my video card ships tomorrow, and my dad still owes me a present. I still haven't decidied what to get, any ideas?

The Ring 2

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After watching the first Ring, I was left wondering ... WTF just happened? Most of this movie, like the first, was random and seemingly pointless. I didn't understand half of the paranormal thing that were going on (water dripping up instead of down, trees on fire, moose attacks ..?) . It was kinda jumpy, especially in a theatre full of dramatic girls and black people. It was not very good, I should've seen The Hostage or something ...
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