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Elven Lied *spoilers*

~Elven Lied~  Kind of short, I finished it in about a day. And by "finish" I mean it said the end, it obviously isn't over cuz they left so damn much unanswered and unresolved. I mean I don't mean to sound so harsh, but what the hell was resolved? The research lab is still up and going with AT LEAST 31 more little girls with horns being tortured in the name of science (unless some of them are already dead) and the diclonius dude who owned the lab and wants to kill off humanity is still alive. Not to mention we don't know who the girl standing at the gate of the hotel was and there's still some random chick who got infected out there. (the one Lucy infected while she was wandering about.) Now I know that leaving a story open ended for interpretation is awesome sometimes (Shadow of the Colossus FTW) but there's a bit of a difference between open for interpretation and leaving loose ends. If I'm missing something and there is a couple of clues that lead to a possible answer to those things then please tell me them. However, I know it's not quite over, there's always the manga. However, I'm worried about what if there's other differences. See, they left a bunch of loose ends, but what they DID end I really liked. I liked that Nana and Mayu were able to live peacefully (they deserved it) and I really like the whole thing with Kurama and his daughter Mariko (#35). Actually that probably was my favorite part, I gots teary at it.>.> And I accidentally caught a bit of the Wikipedia article and that's not how it turns out. Plus another thing I liked about it was the **** That amount of explicit nudity and gore is often looked down upon but I think they pulled it off in a very artistic manner. I mean sure some of the nudity was just fanservice but most of it was just supposed to make you feel utter pity and had nothing to do with getting boners. (unless of course you're sick you sick sicko) And well, I guess I should judge a book by it's cover but...  Just looking at this I kind of get the feeling that I'm not going to have the same respect when they have lots of nudity.>.> I just can't take boobs that large seriously. In the show they didn't make it all about their boobs, they were just naked for some sad reason. (once again, minus the fanservice.) So I don't know, the manga seams like a bad idea at first glance, but I just need more depth. There weren't any major twists that made me gasp, it didn't really end and I just didn't have much to think about when it ended. It just seamed like it had all the potential in the world and was just kind of shallow IMO. I think part of it is my fault though, I have a feeling I emotionally blocked it out. I watched it fully intending to be depressed for a week. And it delivered, I really should of cried, but I didn't. I don't know why, but it didn't hit me as hard as it should of. The exception is Kurama though, (guy with glasses) it seams like everything around him delivered. The three saddest things were the whole situation with Nana in ep 2-5 (I think), the part when his wife came into the room bleeding all over the place begging him to let her kid (#35) live, and the last part with him and #35 which started out sad then turned out sweet and sad. Also the one thing I latter went "oh that's why" while thinking back on things was the reason why Lucy didn't kill him. Seriously, it's like all the best parts had something to do with him. Meh, I feel kind of like this is a random rant. Main question, do you think the manga is worth it or will it kill what little I have with the show? PS: Is this a common theme in animes or did I just get lucky? It starts with some guy finding a naked girl and bringing her home to find out that she has no intelligence about anything. Latter you find out she's actually something quite big that can cause a crap load of problems so some people are hunting her down. She also has a second personality that knows what's going on and is thought to be evil at some point. I've only seen two animes, Chobits and Elven Lied. That fits them both.

Finished watching Chobits. (My first anime^-^)

Ok, so I actually finished watching it a few days ago. I've only gotten around to making a blog about it now though.:P... ~Chobits~  I thought it was an amazing show and really liked it.^-^ It was dramatic yet not too stressful, I wasn't biting my nails though half the series over some **** that just never stops. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, (or that I wasn't biting my nails at some points of Chobits) but not having it made it more, I don't know, relaxing. Everything played out really nicely over all, but there's still a bunch of things I don't know. This isn't the last of it I'll be seeing that's for sure.:) It was definitely aimed mostly for girls though, shōjo by far.:P But you know what, I'd take that over the plan action and little to no emotions of shōnen any day. (Not saying all of shōnen is like that, I'm saying things like Chobits >>> things like Naruto.) Especially the not-so-subtle message of "you can't let anyone into you (data base) except for the one just for you." Being even more obvious with the fact that the switch only "the person just for her" is allowed to touch is located at the same place it is with real girls.:P Not that I minded at all, it's cool. But, I have to admit this, I watch it on YouTube.:( Yea I know you're not supposed to, but I'm new to this anime stuff and just wanted to try it out. I still want to buy it though, I want to re watch it in a better quality and without having to switch to dubs cuz the person forgot to upload that portion of the episode. (I don't hate dubs that much I just prefer subs.) So question, can I get it with subs only at some place like Best Buy? Cuz right now I'm in no position to buy anything online (long story) and I want to pay for this, it's worth it. There's another thing I'm excited about, this means my sense for knowing when a game is good carries over to anime. I'm sure a lot of you know what I'm talking about, after playing video games all your life you sometimes look at small bits of one and know that it's awesome and kind of why. I only saw pics of Chobits and an AMV and I knew it was going to be awesome. I don't mean to brag or anything but I was totally right.:) This makes me even more intrigued about Elven Lied, that's something I've been curious about for years, before I even cared about anime. (And yes, I know it's the opposite of Chobits don't worry.:P) Ack, long blog again. Thx to anyone who actually read the whole thing.:P And if you didn't that's cool, but if you know rather or not I can buy Chobits in Jap with Eng subs from a place like Bets Buy can you tell me plz?

Finally Switched to FF

Well, in case you some how came into this blog post without reading the title, I have decided to make the switch from IE to FF. I've been piddling around with it finding like a billion add ons. (and by a billion I mean 17 in use and more that I don't care about.:P) I haven't used it too much so I can't say rather or not I notice it being faster, maybe a little. There's a few differences I need to get used to and I have to move over some favorites links but besides that it's pretty cool. There are two BIG miffs I have with it though... 1. No Google toolbar.:cry: I tried to force install it once and it almost killed FF. It crashed and when I tried to reopen it I got an error message. Luckily I knew hot to open it in safe mode. (You learn so much about computers if you had a crappy one full of viruses as a kid.:P) So yea, I'm just going to have to wait until they get it fixed. (I know there's an add on that works like it but I want it to be on the same toolbar as my file / edit / view / etc. thing.) 2. The address bar isn't transparent.:?..... Yea, that's a problem IMO. As some of you may have her me brag about, my desktop changes every 5 mins. I have it linked to a folder full of manga pics. (no not THAT kind of manga.>.> It's totally clean.) Anyways, whenever it changes I like to minimize the window and see which one it changes too. My browser takes up the whole screen though, so the only way to tell when it changes is the transparent bars at the top and bottom of the screen. The one at the top used to be much bigger thanks to the address bar also being transparent, but now it isn't. It's not that big of a deal, but it's easier to see when it changes and I always like to see what the next one is. (although, sometimes it's a 3D Giygas thing and seeing that when you think it's going to be something cute is always a mind ****) So a few questions. First, how will I know when the Google bar will work with FF? And I know this version is a beta, when the official one comes out will I lose all the stuff I did / edit in here? Cuz if so then I'm just going to stick with IE until it's really out. Added: Just like to add that I found an add on that fixed the Address bar thing.:) Now all I need is the google toolbar (the real one.:P) and then I'm happy.:) (although the speed dial thing kind of replaced some of the stuff I used with that.)