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i just read in one of the sticky topics that theres a official ps1 emulator for the psp? hm where would i get this emulator? do i have to pay for it? and where would i get ps1 games for this emulator? obviously the ps1 discs dont fit in the psp...


If it is official, you will need to pay for it. I think you may buy them on PS store if they are available...

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I think it HAS publicity, but wait until its release (psp 3000), maybe they will send out more advertisement
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good luck
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i bought socom ftb2 yestarday.sometime when i play it online it froze and my psp shut off!another thing happen is somebody sent me a invitation,so i went to the inveitation list and everytime i go to it it froze and shut off and i dont know who sent it!but it didnt do that no more.what i worried about is what if it froze and shut off again in the middle of a game?it happen to me today like 4 or 5 time.any 1 no what happen?


Probabbly just a glitch but it wont hurt to scan your psp for viruses...

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very advance thinking I see... :lol:

Thats a good game by the way...

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Now I just have to wait for November so I can get the 3000 with the 4GB memory card.


Congrats in advance.... hopefully you wont change your mind :)

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i already have a 2000 model so i wont even bother with the 3000. but if you still dont have a psp and plan to buy one soon, i recomend you to wait for the 3000. its obviously much better than the 2000.boybrushdred

took the words out of me... well if youre on a tight budget you can still stick with 2000

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welcome to the world of PSP :D
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ask her out, she'll get the idea
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GOW is good, it will make you go wild on killing spree, it has good upgrades on special moves too. And only downside is, the game is a bit short.