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v... Union recruiters, members and friends ...v

Assuming that GS fixed some bugs on their site hopefully I am able to visit the site regularly again. However, the last time I wrote my previous blog regarding my dilemma my problem went back the day after that. I am not sure for how long I will encounter these bugs so my union activities will be irregular momentarily until the problem is fixed. Still I'll do my best to visit the site everyday (hoping that I can) and do everything I can to help my unions grow.

So this blog goes to every people in my union affiliates, if for some reason you don't see any of my posts on the boards for some time.... well you can expect I have this bugged site problem again. And for those who have invited me and or plan to invite me in their union I mean no disrespect if ever I don't join. As of now I have a lot of catching up to do with my present unions, loads of designs to make, lots of reading and replying to do. And I plan on really helping my current unions to grow and encourage more activity on members. So yes, I don't join unions just for the sake of joining, I make sure I stay active and mingle with people inside.:D

Here are tag links and a brief description on some of my affiliated unions I guarantee you that people here will warmly welcome you and who knows you might meet some more friends :)

A union that will personally answer and help in all your inquiries and concerns

A union for those who love RPG,TBS,RTS games

v... Gamespot Dilemma ...v

Finally, after a few days of absence I announce my return :P but seriously, I visit this site everyday and almost every chance I get whenever I'm online. My PC did not broke, I haven't gone into a vacation, and I certainly did not lose my internet connection. But why the sudden silence from my blog, forum and other GS activities you ask? Well then, here's what happen....

Last Thursday October 2, when I visited Gamespot, there seems to be something wrong with the loading and site appearance from my laptop. At first I thought my computer has some problems or errors. I then tried using 2 more PC's but still, same results happen. I figured there must be some kind of site maintenance in GS. The next day still the same problem.... the loading takes forever, and when it does load I cannot view the normal page of GS, fragments of pictures and everything. Although it shows that I am logged in, I still cannot go to my profiles or even unions and forums. The only thing that I can do is read messages!! I can't even reply :evil:

Same things happen the following days :evil: I was getting impatient so I wrote a letter to Gamespot stating my problems. After that, I can't use the site until today. Well, at least its back to normal again. I don't know if you guys encountered those things that I've mentioned, still feeling weird about it until now. Anyways I hope this doesn't happen again...

v... Designing Madness ...v

To those of you who liked my work, I really really appreciate your comments :D So I decided to make this blog to give a little of my designing history.

First of all, I am not really a pro designer, I started using photoshop only a few months ago and still need to learn a lot of stuffs about it. But why does alot of people love my work? Hmm... maybe they are just saying it to make me feel good :lol: or maybe they just liked my concepts. Who knows... but whether they really appreciate it or not I'm still grateful to them cause they give me encouragements to do more.

I first started with simple collage wallpapers, then tried making banners, and signatures based on GS's official sizes. After understanding some photoshop concepts, I tried creating an animated version of them. I'm still on the basics with creating gifs and images but I practice a lot to improve my work.

I uploaded some of my wallpaper designs, you can view them through my images. If you have additional comments or suggestions on how I can improve more on my designs please do :)

v...A New Look...v

I just recently updated my profile, added a new profile banner, sig, and avatar icon. All of them are designed and created by me :D. They are as follows:

The banner consists of some of the consoles I have and play, the ps3, ps2, psp and a guitar hero Aerosmith special edition. Also included is my all time favorite anime character Yusuke Urameshi.

Next is my new icon avatar Cloud Strife. He is one of my favorite in-game characters.

Last but not the least, my new and first animated signature, who else... Yusuke :D

So, what do you think of them? It can you guys rate it?

Also If you guys have something to show like sig, avatar, banner just post it here and I will rate it. :)

My Top 5 Gadgets

#5 Cellphone

Although my current cellphone doesn't have the complication of having so many features like music player, internet browser, integrated camera, and yes, even a high memory storage capability, I find my phone one of the most useful gadgets why? Well, simply because I can text and call whomever I want. After all it's the real purpose of having a phone. I don't know from other countries but from where I came from, having the latest cellphone model specifically with tons of features is becoming a big deal. I had an officemate before and he changes his phone for almost every twice or thrice a month!!! Talk about saving money, and he barely uses all of these extra features. Believe me when I say that cellphones here in the Philippines cost a lot. Well, maybe I'm just not crazy about these kinds of phones I'd rather had a simple one and use the remainder of my money to buy other stuffs.

#4 Digital Camera

Personally, I love having souvenirs so my Sony digital camera comes pretty handy in capturing precious moments whether I go on a trip, celebrate an occasion or simply just in a mood for a good smile with my friends, relatives and my girlfriend.

#3 Playstation 3

My number 3 gadget is no other than my shiny new PS3:D, well I could have put PS2 instead but I got more busy playing this new console. I haven't really optimized the usage of this piece of equipment but playing PS3 games offline and online really gets me on the hook.

#2 Laptop

The machine that I never forget to switch on everyday, my ASUS laptop computer. This is like my personal secretary, bookkeeper, diary, entertainment, and yes even my personal source of education :D. Why so? Because through my ASUS, I make use of the internet to learn a few things, gather some information, meet friends, keep track of my personal files and records.

#1 Playstation Portable

My top 1 gizmo (don't be surprised, it's a gaming console :P) my PSP. If I use my laptop everyday, this gadget I bring with me everywhere I go. I just can't leave home without it. Thanks to Sony for making a portable gaming console that has not only have a huge variety of games but has a better graphics and play compared to the others (in my own opinion). Playstation portable is an all around tool for me. Having to play my mp3 music and my huge collection of DVD videos in one cool device.

My new Playstation 3

Finally, after being busy with my new console "The Playstation 3" I was able to create my first PS3 related blog. Since it was first introduced by Sony I was already very eager to try the games that will be launched on the console. But it took so many months for it to be introduced here in the Philippines. Back then, I was already anticipating excellent games like a Final Fantasy sequel for which I am a really big fan of. Then the day came when I first saw a PS3 unit displayed on one of the stores here in the Philippines, hell I was so excited but to my disappointment when I asked its price... "Sixty Thousand pesos po sir unit lang wala pang kasamang games"(Sixty thousand pesos sir, unit only, games not included) the sales lady told me. My jaw almost fell off the ground in an enormous shock, that amount was equivalent to almost One thousand two hundred US dollars! And for some reason I don't know why it is much more expensive here than from the other countries, probably because of the shipping..."Sir?...sir?" the sales lady follows-up in surmise. Breaking from my brief pause, I took a deep breath and answered gradually nodding to the sales lady "Ahh okay thank you miss". Then I walked away the store at a snail's pace feeling disheartened.

A few months later, after Sony announced the price drop of PS3 consoles, it's value also depreciated in the stores here. So there's my chance... last March 1, I bought my own PS3 80G console and my very first game "The Unreal Tournament 3"

Since then, I got very busy playing the game. I also tested some of Playstation 3's features like web browsing and online playing which is really great ;). I even created my own PS account and tried downloading some free trial games. You can me in your PS network friends, my IGN: VHRS

Now I have some free time to surf the net, visit Gamespot and post some messages so if you guys are wondering why I created this blog, let's just say I'm sharing some of my excitements.

VHRS movie review presents: Gabriel

From Warner bros and Sony entertainment pictures comes a new fantasy/action/drama that will take your devine beliefs to another level. Written and directed by Shane Abess tells a story of the last of the seven archangels fighting to restore the light back against the fallen angels in the realm of purgatory. Gabriel, performed by Andy Whitfield must assume the form of a human being to take out 7 fallen angels or what they call the Fallens which has currently taken control over the city and its population. Rendering not totally powerless, Gabriel retains some of his angelic powers to help him find and aid his comrades."Learn from us, but do not follow", the last words Gabriel found in Michael's note, the strongest of the Archangels who was also unsuccessful before the arrival of Amitiel, Uriel, Raphael and the other Arcs. In the darkest places of the human soul, this lone arc angel battles also with his human feelings and emotions that will prove as perilous as facing the Fallen. The Purgatory's dangerous and seedy underworld will soon reveal a shocking truth as Gabriel explores deeper into the fallen's realm.

Gabriel Far From Grace is a must watch for people who loves action films, the story is somewhat ordinary at first but gets more interesting as it goes. Good special effects and amazing battle scenes will make this movie different from the others. A bit violent but not bloody, so I also recommend this film viewable from teens to adult.

The Good: Captivating story, splendid special effects

The not so Good: Angels using guns?

Suggestion: Expand angelic powers

My rating: 9/10

Will I watch this movie again? Yes

To See Is To Believe

Do you sometimes wonder how a blind man lives his life? How he basically performs the things that a normal person does? Specially those who live alone in their lives? But how does one survive? It is very difficult to live in a world without the capability to see. One cannot easily cope up with the daily activities that a normal person has, but all this is only at first. In time a blind person learns to use more of his other senses effectively, the sense of smell, taste and most importantly, the sense of feeling.

Most of us are so interdependent on the sense of sight, which is why we should not be fully dependent on what we usually see. There is a saying that "there is more to the things that meets the eye". Not all we see are true some are false reflections blinding us to the real images inside. "Don't judge the book by its cover", the usual phrase that we encounter but are frequently ignored by many. People tend to judge on the things that they see altering its true perception leading to false conclusions. Using the sense of feeling is proven to be most effective, but still we must learn to use all our senses appropriately.

"Sometimes you cannot believe what you see; you have to believe what you feel. And if you are ever going to have other people trust you, you must feel that you can trust them, even when you're in the dark, even when you're falling." We always encounter false images altering our beliefs and trust to other people. But how can other people trust us if we ourselves don't trust them? We must remember that we cannot succeed without the presence of other people, nobody is too intelligent or too talented, we will eventually need other people's ideas and help in order to achieve our goals effectively. It is important not to be too safe because this might become a hindrance for us in succeeding. Taking risks is part of the elements that we need to encounter, if we don't we won't be able to recognize the opportunities that we might be missing. Sometimes, it's all about taking the right opportunity at the right time.

Using our instinct and gut feelings are better than depending on what we see. Nevertheless, making use of our 4 senses can aid us in making the right move.

To see is to believe? I don't think so...

Lost and Found

Do you have a person whom you really care for? Someone you want to be with so badly that you are willing to give up everything and do anything just to be with him/her? What if you are with that person right now? What if you have the opportunity to be with him/her? Some people are lucky to be with the person they care for. There are even times when the person you most cherish and desire finally comes to you and is finally with you. But what if someday you lose that individual? What if he/she was taken away from you? Or suddenly they change for an unexplained reason? Many of us are looking forward to meeting that person of our dreams while others just throw away the moments we have with that special person. Some just don't give importance or time to those who are there for us until such time comes when the person we usually overlook gets tired or worst give up. Unfortunately life is not fair, there are times when everything turns ok, a period when you've finally resolved the conflicts you both encounter then suddenly something goes wrong, one little detail goes to confusion. Then you end up loosing that person and finding yourself alone once again. But it does not end there; it may be unfair in the laws of man but not in God. Everything happens for a reason, we all encounter problems and frustrations leading us to depression, even worst affecting everything that's around us. Loosing someone important to us is very difficult to accept but we do not control everything that is happening to us, it is easy to say but sometimes, even if its too painful we must learn to bear with these events. In time, we will discover that it is not our loss, not regretting a thing after giving our best for that person. Surely there are plenty of motivational references that can help us get over these, we even seek opinions or counsel of persons around us that would make us feel better and would give us strength to face and surpass our problems. But no matter how much advice we have or how many articles we read, we ourselves are the only one that can get us through this. Acceptance is a word that is very difficult to execute distinctively for the ones who devoted their time and effort to their special someone. It really hurts to be left alone but sometimes moving on is the only choice we have, in due time we will learn to accept reality and start living our lives again. "The world is a strange place... to have found you at last only to loose you again."

Street Fighter IV The Legend Returns

SSF4 animation preview

Street Fighter IV one of the most anticipated games that gave birth to a fighting mode category. The game will look not much more than its predecessors, but then again, Street Fighter is one of the legendary entertainment game play that we all come across to, so SF fans out there this is another revolutionary game that you will enjoy. Fighting techniques are not much different than before so, old and experienced players won't have a difficulty adjusting to the game's new fighting modes. With faster paced battles, I'm sure this will give more challenge to the players as they will need to react swiftly on the movements of their adversary. Capcom also implemented a new cancel move wherein you can call off your current attack and follow-up for another. This is great in creating stylish combo's and devastating blows that may influence your victory over defeat. Finally, great visual effects wherein you can actually see the face of your opponent screaming with pain as you strike on him, with improved graphics giving the game play a more 3D look and short animations in-between the game. The rest? its for you to find out...v