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I'll have to start the Union AGAIN

THanks to naruto-mario marijoe007 and asian gamer for signing up again but i think i'll have to start my union again because there are 3 only and the other people i invited are not joining and the user ike497 was banned so i need help if you want to join i need your comment and naruto marijoe and asaingamer could you please comment also

Friend Codes

I have 2 game friend codes

for super smash bros brawl it is 2277-6324-1850

and for mario kart wii 3308-4951-8555

so add me and i

i'll add you if you add me so get ready

New Union

i've got a new union going though and it's almost offical whoever i sent it to accept it now so everyone could join anyone else if it fails i'll send you an invetation

Ok sorry i'll have to start the union again

i think i made a mistake i don't know how to invite people cause i started the 4people invite stage so i might have to start it again if you still want to join send mea note and once i started again i'll invite 8 people andthen i could start it

if anyone knows how to invite after you're not done the popular paper work + invite people stage leave a note

3rd Day

day 3 no one joined yet come on join this union will be fun i made it because blah blah blah this is my 5th time explaining it come on if you want to join tell me i'll invite you (if i can) so plz join if you want to know why i made the mkw union just read my last few posts

Join Now

ok guys day 2 i seriously want you to join please join now this is my 2nd attempt please i made this union to discuss mario kart wii and trade wi-fi codes please join this union will help a lot to n00b players and it's a great place to discuss it






The second mario kart wii union

ok no offence but does anyone listen here i'vwe set up a union andit failed only 2 people joined ok this time can you join this union i need 4 people come on join my union

my union is about talking mario kart wii discussing the game and the wi-fi connection where we could trade fc codes and vs or battle online and we'll discuss the wi-fi game and if i get the chance put it on gamespot so join



Mario kart wii union

soo i've created a new union the mario kart wii union and i want you to sign up i created this union because we can trade wii numbers chat about the game and play together

so join



Mario Kart Wii Help

ok hello again it is may the 3rd soo mario kart wii is getting pretty fun and i got cheats from this website and just to tell you i need help in some descriptions

1. what do they mean by unlock # of master nintendo time trials cause i don't get it

2. how do you get a star that 's what i don't get what is defined as extrodinary

hep plz

Games coming out soon and games coming in the future

ok mario kart wii comes out in 2 days are you siked cause it's going to be very fun so if you want to race give me an fc code and we'll race second of all lots of new games are coming like wii fit and guitar hero for the ds which is pretty cool considering the buttons we'll need to use but they won't come out until later and other games are waitingin the wings if you know what i mean like super mario sluggers. one game i'm really expecting which is rock band for wii which is surprising cause i thought it was only for xbox 360 but when i tried it it was kind of wierd and hard to play the rock metre was confusing and for the drums it was confusing to hit the drum pedal and hitting the drum keys at the same kind continusoly it's like tapping your head and rubbing your belly at the same time HARD very HARD.
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