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New Linkin Park album!!!

On Tuesday the new Linkin Park album will be released! I have to buy it! I already have What I've Done and The Little Things Give You Away (well, half of it! :lol: ). See you in hell! :twisted:

I'm Back / Coolest Movie Ever!!!!!

  Haven't ben posting for a while. :( But, I'm back :) !! Yesterday I got to see Spider-Man 3. The best movie I've ever seen. Pretty funny too. :P Harry's back on Pete's side. Sandman did kill Uncle Ben on accident. Harry dies though. :cry: Just like his father too. You should see it when you have the chance... BYE!! Get your ... out of here before I get ...... up!!! :P NO REALLY!!!! :evil:

Finally, 100 Posts!!!

I made it!!! 100 posts!!! :D One of my first accomplishments in GameSpot. Besides joining. :P Please people join The Fun Spot!!! Where a dudett can have fun! :P

Almost My Birthday!

Finally! It's a good thing my birthday is in May! I'm taking a few friends to see SpiderMan 3 on probably May 6. I really need a new skateboard. I got to go make another blog post :P !


First emblem!!

  Yesterday I made a bunch of tags, now I got my first emblem. :D  All you have to do is tag 30 times or more. WOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :P

My Band

  Me and my friend hAVE A BAND. :|   I do vocals. He does piano. My other friend mastered Guitar Hero 2. When he gets a guitar (electric) My piano friend will play piano drums. We are called THE BURITTO BOYZ :P .  We have not been doing any music latley.

Level 5!!

  Finally, I've made to level 5! Just one more lvel and my fanasty union will be a real union! Remember I'm inviting first: Grottekarven, Blood_Shot, ascjv, Xzasex, CrossWolf, and VGMaster72. :P