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8 Year Old Expert!!!!!

Go on YouTube. Search Guitar Hero. Find Dead! 8 Year Old Expert! *5. This kid is sick! He rocks more than me! :P But, I only play medium! :P You're gonna' like these vids. Also there is Psycho Freakout, Free Bird, and I think Jordan. ROCK ON!!!! :!

Guitar Hero 2 Multiplayer Fun!

A couple days ago my brother's friend came over. He brought his guitar hero2 controller. We played Last Child and my brother turned the TV off on us!!! @#$%!&!!! Then he and his OTHER friend played Six on EXPERT!!! My brother mainly plays EASY!!!!!!! :lol: His other friend plays medium, though. And then I was hanging out with my friens and I picked up the guitar and bounced my buttocks near him. He kicked me straight up the crotch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: What a nice guy!! :lol: :lol: :P

Custom Songs In GH2!!!

I was on YouTube a sec. ago I saw people playing songs that aren't in GH2 or GH1!! Such as Bat Country, Welcome to the Jungle... how? HOW!!!! I want info RIGHT NOW!! :evil:

Union Change Yet Again!

The union has been changed... now it is Comedyland (andotherneedpalace)! So, it's The About Anything Union again. :) People in union ask friends so this union can be started!!!!

Bucketheadland! Yay!!!!!

Anybody heard of Buckthead? He's a rock machine!!! His song Jordan in Guitar Hero 2 is so complicated on expert!!!!! :( I rock it on med. though! I might get his album "Electric Tears". To go on his official website bucketheadland type bucketheadland. :P

P.S. The biography is nowhere near real; chickens ripping off his face so he has to be masked. :roll:

Union Changes

For those who do not enjoy skateboarding or punk rock music must be kicked off the union . :( I've decided to change the union to skateboarding. So, my friends that have skateboarding loving :P friends write a note and ask 'em to join, please. RollerHero, since your into Guitar Hero you should like punk rock. :) Thank you peoples.

Tony Hawk's Proving Ground

It's comming out in October! :) No more Rodney Mulen though :( Besides this I have a almost complete collection. (I lost Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4. And i was on level 1!!!!! :( :P ) Post for further news on ths game...... thank you for your service.

I'm still here!

I'm still here just to let you know! :) My computer got all screwed up due to LimeWire. :( Post for some welcome backs!

Guitar Hero II: One of the Best Games Ever!!!!

I recently got Guitar Hero 2. About 3 weeks ago. I beat easy in 2 days. And I'm on level 6 on medium. It's pretty easy. :) And great songs from Foo Figters, Guns N' Roses and much more! :D And it came with Gibson SG guitar!! :) And I'm Sandman, Junior. I will twinkle sand in your- oh fudge!! Theres sand in my fudging eyes!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry: :P

Coney Island

I just went to NYC at Coney Island. Thaere is one huge walrus like a midget x15!!! :shock: Trained sea lions were cool. There were penguins called jackass penguins :lol: ! Seriously. It was pretty fun.