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Well...Here I Am...Again...

I have to stop doing this. I log in one day every couple of months, make a blog post, and then disappear for another couple of months. Well, Merry Christmas! I got The Sims 3 for XBox360. Pretty fun. Snow is coming to my area today too! About a foot of snow by tomorrow! Snowskate mania!



Like any of you really care, but I'm back again. Been playing alot of Skate 3. Really cool game, but not as good as OG. Psyched for Sims 3 to hit consoles. Anyway, I'll try to be on more. ;)


Hai gaiz. Back again, for a bit.

ANyway, hear about Mercs Inc? Yeah, cool.

How about Saboteur? Yeah, that's cool too.

Skate 3? Epic.

So, umm...yeah...


Hai gaiz.

The Saboteur is coming in three days, W00T.

Also, if any of joo want me on JooTube, my channel is dudemann5798.


I'm back again. As usual, this might only last a day or two.

Anyway, Happy Halloweenie!

Back For A While Again!

It's about time.

Well, back to my old ways.

Rented Beatles: Rock Band, everyone should buy it.

Started playing Skate 2, Bully: Scholarship Ed., and Amped 3 again.

Ooh, a new badge!

N64 Pwns

OK, I got back into N64 again. I'm ordering a few games off Amazon soon. I might get Diddy Kong Racing, Poke Snap, and Banjo-Kazooie. ANd then to add to it a GameShark Pro. Whst do you guys think?

Skate 2

1. Owned about 20 spots of 50. 8)

2. Got both Skateboard Mag, and Thrasher cover. :)

3. Bought the Fun Track!!!! :D

4. Board sponsor = Almost ;)

Shoe sponsor = Vans 8)