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I know it seem weird but after long going to be playing this for the first time soon. I got a factory seal one to play for my ps1 and looking forward to playing it. I heard some things about this game, i was looking for a classic game to play and decided after much thought this game. It kinda strange how i never really got a chance to play these earlier on, never had much with earlier stuff but better late then ever so i'm curious to see how 5 and 6 will be and i hear many people say 6 is great. Well i look forward to it as i am a final fantasy fan.

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Not to be a downer but just wanted to give a heads up the new pokemon guide book that you can get in x and y has little to no information on the evolution of pokemon or what moves they can learn. It has the info on areas and such but nothing on which pokemon can evolve. also not much info on mega evolution so just wanted to give everyone the heads up about that if they were thinking of buying it.

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You know its weird I feel once Lambert was killed or to say double agent, thats when the series took a turn and doesn't seem so well with the story.

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You know not to complain but this is one thing I was curious to find out about. What happen to this Megiddo from convinction.  I thought we might see it but there was no mention of it at all. Its so weird. Its like it doesn't exist anymore. Just curious, did anyone see or hear mention of Megiddo because that was one thing i was curious about.

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Just wondering what card set does it go up to. Does it cover all the 5ds card or are there some from zexal in here. Just wondering.

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I'm sure this probably been posted many times but like to make sure I get a straight answer.  I know its going to be DD but i just rather have a disk and box so i can put it up in my collection. So does anyone know if the Eu one will work on the US ps3.  Also I don't mean to cause a fight on which is better and all, i just like to have a disc thats all.

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What is DA foliage. Ok just a heads up, mine is the 20G one. i had it around when the wii came out. Are you saying doing that repair will bring it back to life. well i will have a professional i know look at it and the video.

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yeah i know. i'm just seeing if i can just get my saved files. I mean if i can get it to work for 5 or ten minutes just to transfer it to a flash drive, i be happy. If i have to get a new system, thats fine, i just want to have my saved files. You got to admit this makes you appreciate the days when you have a playstation 2 and kept your files on memory cards. Of course i still have my playstation 2. I don't care if i lose my trophies, they don't mean much to me.

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really i will look into that.