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Trying to return?

Yep, I know I've tried and failed a number of times before, but I'm trying again anyway. I won't get in the coffin dangit!

Got a name change on DLCquickplay, so it's now http://dlcquickplay.com/user/TheyAreNext-Uw3 rather than Uwthree.

Be seeing you desu~


Nearly a year since I was last here. Guess I fail at remembering to stick around. I've been busy though. As of the moment, my gamertag (on xbox 360) is TheyAreNext, so anyone wants to add me go ahead. You might wanna msg me first though, generally my list is full so I have to do clearouts.


Song of the blog: Coheed and Cambria - The Shattered Symphony


Edit: Forgot to mention, still using this place for rock band DLC - http://dlcquickplay.com/user/uwthree

Wow, what?

Wow, guess I haven't been here in a while huh.

In news that is newsy I am now on the 360 and my gamertag is, to no surprise, Uwthree. If you intend to add me please let me know who you is/are.

Ah yes, for anyone like myself who has a chronic addiction to Rock Band 2:


All my Rock Band dlcs.

Well, was just stopping in to say hi.

Later on,



Currently Listening To: Alice In Chains - A Looking In View


P.S.: I really need to get that AIC track pack.

P.S.S.: I play expert vocals mainly, but I also do H/X Guitar, X Bass and M/H Drums. Once I get a full band kit I'll do those other 3 anyway.


It's annoying and rather painful.

Other that that, join revolution designs now ya smeg'eds :P

Anywho I've not much to say so I'll be offski.

The good, the bad and the ugly.


I have SSBB and my FC is 4769-1986-9131. Add me and PM me your code so I can add thou also.


Ze doctor says I have social anxiety and they need to work on getting me back to normal, so I may be dissapearing for a while soon. If I do dissapear don't panic, I'm still alive.


STILL NO ONE HAS JOINED TTC. ARG. You evil little men, women and children :P

~Sayonara, but just for now.

Garbled Transmission

AT LAST. OUT OF LEVEL ****ING 20 HELL, WOO... Erm, right. In other news...

http://thetributeconnection.proboards.com/ JOIN NOW OR I WILL KILL THOU. I am fed up of plugging this for no reason. If I don't get some active people there soon I'm gonna be VERY angry. :x

In even further news...

Was gonna get a game earlier but couldn't afford it. Was about 5 quid short. Ah well. I'll see if Game has a better price on it.


Blarged. Garbled is an anagram of Blarged, which basically means Blarging has been performed on you. Blarg.

~Sayonara, but just for now.

P.S: Random track on iPod: The Bloodhound Gang - The Ballad Of Chasey Lain

P.S.S: Song of the blog: Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train

My fingers hurt. Happy new year.

I burnt my fingers something bad last night. A bit of burning coal came flying out the fire and hit my pinky and ring finger of my left hand. Now they're rater badly blistered. Infinite hours of guitar heroing doesn't help either.

Also I just realised all games have different FCs on the Wii as well as DS, so the code I put in my last blog is my GHWT code. Add me if you have it on Wii. My in game name is Ikoros, Shinso.

Also, furthermore, and whatnot:

@Spikey: Hey, long time no see. My Diamond FC is 1676-6186-8703, PM me any time ya wanna match or trade.

@Kats: Happy new year-ish things. May you have a plentiful amount of alcohol. I know I have and will.

So, until next time, sayonara, but just for now.

P.S. Random track currently playing on my iPod: Pearl Jam - Jeremy

P.S.S. Song of the blog: Megadeth - Skin O' My Teeth

Festive cheer to all insane people. Oh, and my presents.


Wii Friend Code: 3008-2177-0533

Add me. Now, for presents.

A Wii.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for the Wii.

Guitar Hero: World Tour for the Wii, with a guitar.

An iPod Shuffle.

30 quid.

A beanbag with a tray on it. I'll scan the picture on the tray in future.

An electric guitar with amp and spare strings.

Lotsa glowsticks.

So yes. ADD ME ON WII YOU SAUSAGES. And send me your codes so I can do the same for you. ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE GH:WT.

~Sayonara, but just for now.

P.S. My name on the Guitar Hero Community is TheyAreNext. Seek me and add me now. Before my wrath rains down upon your soul.

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA? Couldn't think of a blog title.

So yes. I revamped my Zanpakutos. All three of 'em. If you frequent The Gotei 13 you may or may not be familiar with them. Either way they're here. Comment and rate please.


Zanpakuto Name: Dokueki (Venom)

Wielded By: Rikichi

Maturity Status: Mature

Element: Earth

Appearance Whilst Released: Long and winding, similar to a serpent, with two tips that resemble a forked tongue. A skull is etched at the bottom of the blade near the hilt.

Release Command: Bite, Dokueki

Special Abilities:
Gaidoku Tomosen (Virus Stopper): Prevents the user from gaining any form of virus, sickness or poison. Also stops any form of bacteria from attacking the user.
Komakai Doku (Minute/Small Poison): Can create a weak poison to attack anything it touches or cuts barring the wielder of the blade. This can also be used to produce a liquid poison, however the poison will leave a green tint in whatever liquids it is placed in, making it easy enough to see, however it is tasteless and odorless.

Bankai Name: Neo Dokueki

Appearance Whilst Bankai: The blade has split into two blades with a very similar appearance to before. Some changes of note would be a much shorter, wider, bulkier blade than before wielded by the left hand, with a large guard that droops over and covers the hand, whereas a much longer blade at a similar with to it's previous form on the one intended for the right hand, with no guard at all. The skull etching is now only on the right-hand blade.

Bankai Release Command: Bite Anew, Neo Dokueki.

Special Abilities:
Gaidoku Tomosen (Virus Stopper): See Above.
Hebi Soshaku Dokueki (Snake Bite Venom): Allows the user to use any conceivable form of poison or venom on anyone who so much as touches them or their weapon. They can also produce these in tasteless, colourless, odourless liquids, or in the form of a gel that soaks into the skin.
Chiyu Doyoubi (Healing Saturday): Allows the user to heal using the same methods as highlighted in 'Hebi Soshaku Dokueki'.
Ryoku Tame Sono Hodo (Power To The Limit): Increases the wielder's strength level to it's maximum limits upon release, these limits staying as such until blade is re-sealed.
San Kizu Dokueki (Three Cut Venom): A type of poison created by Rikichi solely for use by him with Neo Dokueki. Depending on whether he uses type A or type B of this, he can either send his opponent into a coma or kill them in three strikes. The coma will end naturally after three weeks, however he can end it before then if he wishes.


Zanpakuto Name: Zetsumetsu (Extinction)

Wielded By: Rikichi

Maturity Status: Immature

Element: Thunder/Wind

Appearance Whilst Released: Becomes slightly elongated and much wider, with 10 holes lining it near the edge, with another one on the edge of the blade, near to the tip.

Release Command: End Game, Zetsumetsu.

Special Abilities:
Raikou Sumiyaka (Lightning Speed): Greatly increases the user's speed, seeming to slow the world down around them. This can also greatly increase the speed they say the incantations for and/or perform kido. It also increases their natural recovery rate of both blood and reiatsu/kido.
Kurogane Gaihi (Iron Skin): An ability similar to the Arrancar's Hierro. This is a weakened version of it and only covers the arms and legs.

Bankai Name: Zetsumetsu Omega

Appearance Whilst Bankai: The only changes to the appearance of the blade are the facts it is now silvery instead of a dulled grey, the hole in the edge is gone, and the ten holes lining the blade have been replaced by a lightning-bolt pattern etched into each side.

Bankai Release Command: End It For Good, Zetsumetsu Omega.

Special Abilities:
Raikou Sumiyaka (Lightning Speed): An enhanced, much faster version of the shikai's version of this ability. It also allows kido spells to be used from a different location than where they were cast. Kido levels are also greatly enhanced.
Kurogane Gaihi (Iron Skin): An enhanced version of the shikai's ability, it now covers the entire body and has a similar toughness to that of Nnoitra Jiruga.
SENKEI: Yuuen Raikou (Grand Lightning): A ball of electricity is compressed into the user's hand, which then turns into a stream of lightning bolts which fire into the surrounding area. It can also cause an electrical storm when used outside.
GOKEI: Shuuryou Teawase (End Game): A last resort attack that instantly kills the user and their opponent without fail.


Zanpakuto Name: Raikou Tenraku (Lightning Fall)

Wielded By: Rikichi

Maturity Status: Shikai Not Yet Reached

Element: Thunder/Wind

Appearance Whilst Released: The blade become similar in shape to a lightning both. It is wider and shorter than a regular Zanpakuto, and a blue aura seems to bounce off it. It is pure silver in colour.

Release Command: Tear Through The Sky, Raikou Tenraku.

Special Abilities:
Aoi Oonami (Blue Surge): A weak current of electricity flows through the blade, causing the opponent to get a nasty shock when he is touched by or cut by it.

Bankai Name: Raikou Shougeki (Lightning Crash)

Appearance Whilst Bankai: The blade becomes longer, to the extent of now being longer than a normal zanpakuto, and much thinner, but still wider than normal. The tint of the blade has now turned scarlet.

Bankai Release Command: Hit the ground with an almighty roar, Raikou Shougeki.

Special Abilities:
Shoujouhi Oonami (Scarlet Surge): The pulse of lightning is now much more strengthened, giving a similar sensation to before when they block an attack with thier blade, giving a strong jolt when they are hit somewhere like the leg or arm, giving a stronger one when hit in the stomach, and temporarily shutting thier systems down for temporal paralysis when striking somewhere like the back or chest. It could give permanent effects such as brain damage if striking areas such as the head or the neck however.