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Stupid Firewall

So I havent been on in a long time. It has taken me awhile to get past the school's new firewall but through the combined efforts of my best friend we figured it out.

Nice To Be Back

Sorrry I have been gone for  a couple of moths. My computer got screwed up and i haven't had the chance to fix it. Plus i have been really busy with track here lately. Well it feels good to be back. WOOT!!!!!

Guitar Hero Rocks

I recently purchased Guitar Hero and i just wanna say this is the best game ever made for the Playstation.

Sea Hawks Lost

This stinks. I can't believe that Seahawks lost last night. That was horrible. I mean the Steelers have won this now 5 times. The Sea Hawks have never won it.

First day of a new year

Well today is officially the first day of 06. It gives us a chance to start fresh and make new resolutions. Hopefully ones that we will actually keep lol.

Super Duals Out-come

Well the Duals were awesome. Daleville placed 2nd which is the best that we have ever done. Congrats to South Adams who took home the trophy. Everyone wrestled great. Tomorrow we have a meet here @ Daleville against Tri. Last year we beat them so we'll c what happens.

Bronco Super Duals

Well the weekend is about here. It is gonna rock. Saturday here at Daleville we r hosting a huge wrestling meet. We do this every year and we have a great time. Usually we have 10 other schools come and we wrestle all day but i think this year we r only having like 8 schools coming. So o well it will still rock.

Veteran's Day

So how hoas everyone's day been? tonight i have a bowling meet @ coopers sport bowl in Anderson. We r gonna be one man short and that sucks. o well. Thanks to those veterans who helped us to be where we r today.