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Your Poision

1UP: Crysis plays better on consoles.

Mods designed to enhance the appearance of the game seal the deal in favor of the PC in terms of graphics, but when you compare the unaltered original to the 360 version I played it's kind of a toss-up.

Kotaku: Crysis on consoles looks just about as good as the (un-modded) PC version of the game.

Is this really necessary? I mean, I'm sure that Crysis on consoles will look and play good, but do you really need to deceive your readers? These articles are designed to feed on the ignorance of people who simply never had the opportunity to play Crysis on PC. Mindless, unsubstantiated hype. It's nothing new for the gaming industry, but how long will we have to put up with these types of attempts at journalism?

But maybe when you suck console gamer c***, Crysis on consoles really looks and plays better than the PC version. Just be wary of mouth deformation.