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One Of My Turns

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I've mentioned being busy with a hobby/potential business project. Well, I am writing about games for an upstart Croatian website - Gost.hr (Guest.hr). It's not a gaming website, it's sort of a modern mainstream site. I'm running the gaming part of the site (GameGost) - I do pretty much everything - news, videos, whatever. I also thought that having coverage about free and free-to-play games is a good idea since that's the direction the industry is heading. I also decided to cover casual and social games (mostly Facebook). It's only PC gaming coverage for now, but in time we're planning to cover the entire game industry.

I think that the free/social/casual game coverage sets us apart not only from other Croatian game websites, but game websites, period.

Anyway, obviously you won't understand s***, but you can give it a quick glance just to see how it looks.