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Console vs PC the ever lasting battle

Perhaps I was a little rushed in my judgement as making consoles look bad. They do have many advantages which I overlook. For one you can definately be more comfortable playing them. Two they are way less expensive than building a new computer. Three setup is much easier. Fourth you know exactly what games it can play, since you only pick up the box with the right logo on it.

In the future I will have a decision to make. Will I build a new multi core processor computer, or conform and get a console? Well it's hard to say at this point. With a system I can just buy it for a few hundred then get the games without any hassle. With the computer i'll need twice or three times as much money, and have the hassle of building it myself. In the end though i'd have a much more powerful and customizable machine.

For now though I'm happy with what I got. A gamecube, n64, and a decent low-mid pc from 2003. It is always best to be happy with what you have, then sad for what you don't.

Pivotal point for PC games.

I'm not sure how many of you out there are noticing what's going on in the games industry. A shift is starting to be made. (Nissan hehe) PC games are going to take the lead pretty soon I believe. With the multiple core processors and the hardware available you can build a high end rig for only 1500$. Sure it's enough to buy a car but that's not the point. The point is PC's have the biggest advantage out of any platform. Eventually I felt either on a Wii or 360 boxed in. I'm limited to what I can do online by the manufacturer and developers.

Which is why both those systems are now gone out of my life. The 360 I returned to Circuit City via 30 day happiness guarantee and the Wii I sold on Ebay back in Christmas when it was a hot item. It still is though and i'm glad. Nintendo deserves their success. Anyway i'm straying off topic back to the PC pivotal moment thing.

This year is going to be ground breaking in terms of PC games. First we got Hellgate: London. Which with their latest video finally shows that it's nearing release quality. Flagship studios just needs to make sure it's optimized, which i'm sure they will. These are the creators of Diablo. (Which I am playing by the way, quite a game) It's kind of sad but at the same time very interesting that a game like Diablo is more fun to play than a game like Shadowrun.( For me anyway)

Then we got Assasin's Creed being developed by Ubi's best. I'm going to have to get into the prince of persia franchise sooner or later. The SNES games were pretty good but difficult. I can't wait to play this in a few months down the road.

Lastly we got Bioshock. Which a whole seperate team is working on the PC interface. Plus the effects in that game are just sick. I can't wait to see what the review sites say about it. I have high hopes for it.

In conclusion these are 3 major games, but there are still many strong classics in the PC. I truly believe PC can return to the glory days. For me it's still the best platform for playing games due to it's versatility and power. The PC is like Bruce Lee.