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Out of all the MySims games for the DS, what is your favorite?
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Im looking for a sorta game that has a great level up sytem and you can customize as you level up. I've played final fantasy: Echoes of time and that was great for the level up sytem and buying new armour and stuff as you level up. Sounds sorta strange but im looking for a game like that, i like customizing as i level up and watching the character progress. I not talking about just RPG's because im really into Lock's quest at the moment.
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The silver and Gold remakes have just come out in Japan but we won't get it for a a long time yet, at least next year.
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I remember playing the good old bubble bobble game on the amigia and im in the mood to play that again, is it remade for DS? and i've seen loads of different bubble bobble games on the DS, so what one do you think is the best or even the worst for me to keep clear of? -thanks
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Just looked it up and it doesn't look too bad, i'll make sure i will keep a eye out for it. Never heard of it untill now, thanks.
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what games are like rune factory, animal crossing sorta games.. I've playing rune factory 2 and that was pretty good and im fed up of animal crossing so what games are similar...and are any of the sims games any good on DS? also locks quest looks pretty good...
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What really good games have you picked up and just thought 'Wow' but hardly anybody has ever heard of...
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Ive tried so many games but i can't think of anything that gets me really really hooked (Only pokemon diamond like over a year ago) but i've tried so many games resently and i have gone off of RPGs (FFIV, Chrono trigger, WEWY and many more but i just never get right into them) I use to be a big rpg fan but i guess im not as much anymore. So what DS games have got you really hooked?
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Last one i would remember is in lost odessey when the two twins mother dies, didn't cry it was just pretty sad.
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I read somwhere that Shigeru Miyamoto has made it so it is not as good for a reason and that he is dissapointed it in..