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If something fun or otherwise memorable happens on the servers, I hope we will see videos on Gamespot.

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I am bothered by the $170 "Inquisitor's Edition" of Inquisition. I am not sure what particularly memorable item justifies that price. Fortunately the broader trend seems to have stabilized since the $150 high, and I hope Inquisition stays as an outlier. The different editions bother me a little less since due to purchasing habit, I am usually restricted to one or two choices.

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I like sci-fi more than fantasy in general, but I vote Fallout because of its more modest scope. I am not cut out to be a hero, let alone someone who will save the world; I don't even know what to say to something like that. Vaults also tend to be more flavorful than dungeons; maybe there are just too many dungeons in Skyrim.

I don't think TES should reduce its scope though. One of two series should be about world saving heroes.