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Phew, I've finally moved to a new Gamespot ID. I was never fully satisfied with my old ID; I made it in 2003 when I did not have an uniform online gaming identity. This new ID is consistent across numerous games and sites. I've lost 13 levels of progress and all my previous reviews, but it also means a fresh start. I'll write more contributions and maybe revisit some old ones later when I have time. I managed to transfer and update my Games Lists as a first step. I didn't realize my game collection has grown to over 80 games encompassing nearly 20 different series, and it's still growing! Keeping tracking of all the new games coming out has become a pain. Gamespot is now more important than ever. Thank you Gamespot! Anyway, I am beat and need a break. Logging off. Old Gamespot ID: gameman888 New Gamespot ID: Unfallen_Satan