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Really depends what you want in a system, and what you want in exclusives. I think Xbone is a better all around entertainment hub for movies, music and gaming + the interface looks better than PS4. However if it is pure gaming it could also really depend on what you want i.e. JRPGs, Unchartered, Gran Turismo, Infamous, the Crew etc or Halo, Forza, Titanfall (1), Sunset O/drive type games.

I currently have both, and have not used my PS4 since boxing day, as the Xbone also serves for streaming content from PC as well as gaming. PS+ is great, however Games with Gold just started for Xbone in June so it is really a preference decision.

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I would not say Sony have given up on the system, however it depends what you are looking for in a vita / handheld to what your perception would be I guess. The vita has had a lot of poor and inconsistent advertising, and from what I have read, heard on podcasts apparently the AAA titles are not selling very well on the system. It may not have a large install base, however people who do own one use them a fair bit.

From my understanding the indie scene is really thriving on the system, and a lot of people want shorter different take games or JRPGs for on the go gaming. There are a lot of games for it, however you need to go digital for it to be an awesome system, and load up the memory card from the PS store. Trying to buy games retail in Australia for the Vita would be a waste of the system as it is hardly supported. So I think Sony's target market for the Vita has changed based on what is selling in the online marketplace and what isn't. It is a great machine but depends on personal preference, the 3DS looks like a great device for 1st party AAA handheld gaming.

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Was going to recommend Solarplex's advice. Get some rice as it will absorb all the water. It work's on Iphones and other things so should work. On the bright side everything saved is cloud based now so if you need to get a replacement you will not lose any progress on games, just have to reinstall stuff.

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Well it depends on gamer preferences, if you enjoy online multi-player then yes. A lot of people above have indicated no single player is a deal breaker, however in an FPS I only play multi-player. Did not touch MW3 (last COD I will play), BF bad company 2, BF3, or BF4 single player. The multi aspect gives me a lot of hours (more than most SP games) as you are always improving in game, so i do not feel as though i am missing out on the value scale, and I don't find SP that rewarding in an FPS / don't get invested like I would with a good RPG or the Uncharted series.

Although the map packs and DLC to feel like a rip off after buying the thing, miss the days when you would just download and add it to the rotation whatever the server was playing.

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Mutliplayer go BF4. Larger scale and more varied to keep you coming back where difference in classes impact how you play, maps make a huge difference to class selection and then the vehicles and destructible environments.

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Have to agree with Lost Odyssey, came out ages ago and was not marketed very well but was a thoroughly enjoyable RPG. That and Dragon Age origins I found to be the best RPG's of the 360 era. Mass Effect is good, however do not consider it traditional RPG experience, that being said the ME 2 is a must play game.

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It really depends on other factors as well, do you need the money from returning it? Since you already bought it my assumption is you are rationalising the need of having both systems as you can only play 1 at 1 time and there are only so many hours to spend gaming, and with so many strong multi-plats it is a hard justification. Aside from the financial aspect is it purely a gaming system or do you use other services i.e. have you set-up entertainment to run through DLNA or anything?

I tend to think you should keep it as there are more options available right now with the XB1 for entertainment outside gaming, and a lot of the PS4 exclusives are being pushed back to next year. Right now I am the opposite where my XB1 is set up and the PS4 is still in the box as the only exclusive content is Second Son (sorry not counting knack and don't starve), the interface feels outdated, and there is no ability to stream from the PC. This will all be fixed in time and I do like the PS4, however if I am going to pay a subscription for multiplayer I would prefer to use it on Microsoft IPs Forza and Titanfall, which then means my multiplayer multiplats are all on the XB1 as the PS4s Infamous is a single player mode and PS+ is yet to do anything on the PS4 that makes it a must subscribe.

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GT: Astral Fissure

Playing from Perth WA, and BF4, Fifa 14 and Titanfall so far.

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If you have never played a FPS then this would be just as good as any to start. This along with COD probably have the smallest learning curve. Always need to start somewhere and this is a fun game. Not knowing anyone online won't matter i don't know anyone, the rounds are short, and you make friends / meet people by playing online and adding people (or just go into the XBlive gamertag section on here and add some people).

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Let us celebrate you joining Playstation with the adding of chocolate to milk.

Agree with dipdish, keep the gaming PC alive for steam games and FPS. Definitely get PS+ as advised from another user, it really is worth the subscription and just kick back waiting for the PS exclusives. I find Xbone (which i also really enjoy and am playing more right now) focuses more on 3rd person and FPS for their exclusives and PS has more platformer and RPG driven games.

The big issue with PS right now is besides infamous a lot of their IP is being delayed.