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Song: Razing Steam

by on

this is basically a parody of Exodus' song Raze, which i get stuck in my head any time i consider that something might be going down. (as in dying) in this case it was steam. so here is the song:

Let's start a server, biggest one you've ever seen
You bring the players, I'll bring the mods
join it, lag it, the ping grows higher
Burn the content server upon an ethernet wire

Lag this half life server like a 56k
Crash this server staight to the ground
Let's not worry about consequences
If it's running we'll shut it down

Destroy it all, show no inhibition
Revel and rejoice in unbridled demolition
Smash it, overload it, nothing will remain
Detect it and wreck it and proudly take the blame


We have 30000 ping!


Shake valve and steam from its very foundation
Lay waste to the program without hesitation
Break it, take it, you have more than enough reason
overload it, destruct it, its 1.5 season