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I find this quite amusing. Ive just looked at my past history on Gamespot and relized i have not been on here since 2005. Its 2011 now! Ive been playing all these games on Steam, like Counter Strike and stuff still. But im mostly on the xbox 360. I think this is gonna be funny to look at in another like 6 years. Hai future me!

2 Years...Xbox 360

Its been two years since ive been on and posted my blog and stuff i don't get on here to much cause im playing my Xbox 360
If anyone wants to play, be friends or something send me a mesage on xbox live and tell me your from Gamespot. My Gamertag is SpeedyChameleon

Ape Escape Union!

I have mayed a Ape Escape Union and it is under construction. When it is formed if you could join i would be much appretiated. I dont have much officers so if you join, help and post i might make you one. So please join even if you don't have the game.

Ocarina Beaten!

I beat The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time a while a go, first time i have beaten it. Before anyone complains saying "I beat it ages ago" I have not played it for ages and i have not even had it. I had it in England but got rid of it when moved to America so i had to start again. And i only did a little at a time. So no complain :evil:


I can't wait for the nxt gen consoles especially the REV! That is going to be awsome.
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