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To... Many... Games...

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So as many of you probably know, today is a huge day in game releases. There is Red Dead Redemption, Alan Wake, Trauma Team, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, Split Second and more. I went to the midnight release for Red Dead tonight and left with Red Dead, Split Second, Alan Wake and Prince of Persia (they didn't get Trauma Team in yet :( ). Now that is just huge and I have never bought so many games on one clip like that. Next week is also big with Super Mario Galaxy 2, ModNation Racers, UFC 2010 Undisputed and Blur. I am not getting all of those though because my birthday is June 7th and I can hold out on all of those except Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Is anybody else feeling such a game rush right now? So many good titles coming out in such a short amount of time it is crazy. This summer has many many more like Crackdown 2, Singularity, Madden NFL 11, Mafia 2, Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days and Transformers: War for Cybertron. Now I know I am extremely lucky to have such a great paying job at my age (16) and can afford all this while saving up for my future.

There really should be a game that caters to everyone in the coming months so let me know what you guys are getting :D

My TV on DVD Collection!

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Since I LOVE television, I figured I would let you guys know what I have on DVD for my shows. I would post pictures but they are not exactly in the same spot because of spacing issues. Anyways here they are in no particular order:

LOST - The Complete Series plus Season 5 Collectors Edition (yes, I have two versions of Season 5 :P )

LOST - The Complete Series (Blu-Ray)

Prison Break - The Complete Series

Smallville - Seasons 1-9

Supernatural - Seasons 1-5

The Office - Seasons 1-6

House - Seasons 1-6

Heroes - Seasons 1-4

Chuck - Seasons 1-3

Mad Men - Seasons 1-3 (Blu-Ray)

The Wire - The Complete Series

Six Feet Under - The Complete Series

Breaking Bad - Season 1 and 2

FlashForward - The Complete Series

Glee - Season 1

The Girls Next Door - Seasons 1-5

24 - Seasons 1-7 plus Redemption

The Boondocks - Seasons 1-3

The Big Bang Theory - Seasons 1-3

Grey's Anatomy - Seasons 1-6

Desperate Housewives - Seasons 1-6

Castle - Season 1 and 2

Sons of Anarchy - Season 1 and 2

Fringe - Season 1 and 2

Lie to Me - Season 1 and 2

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - The Complete Series

Dexter - Seasons 1-4

Weeds - Season 1-5

Arrested Development - The Complete Series

Firefly - The Complete Series plus Serenity

Dollhouse - Season 1

Seinfeld - The Complete Series

Carnivale - The Complete Series

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Seasons 1-5

Dragonball Z and GT - The Complete Series'

Family Guy - Seasons 1-8

South Park - Seasons 1-13

Grounded for Life - The Complete Series

Twin Peaks - The Complete Series

Scrubs - Seasons 1-8

The Sopranos - The Complete Series

Freaks and Geeks - The Complete Series

Jericho - The Complete Series

Band of Brothers - The Complete Set

The King of Queens - The Complete Series

Two and a Half Men - Seasons 1-7

Entourage - Seasons 1-6

Invasion - The Complete Series

Sex and the City - The Complete Series

Charmed - The Complete Series

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Seasons 1-5

And that is it! Most of these shows are still on the air so imagine how my wallet is going to feel when the next season of these shows release :cry: But I think it's well worth it ;)

I just picked up my copy of Uncharted 2! :D

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So I was hearing of the game being released early in some areas and me being jealous of others having it already ( I have been waiting for this game since the second I finished the first one :lol: ) I went searching around the internet for places nearby my house that has been selling. Nobody was so i gave up, and I felt like going for a ride in my car and on my cruise I passed by this store I have never seen before. It looked like a video game place so I went it, and as you might have guessed already, they had Uncharted 2 for sale!

So I quickly buy my copy and hurry home to play. Only to find out that my brother is playing the PS3 and won't let me play. So here I am, waiting for my brother to finish playing MLB 09 The Show. And also, my fears have come true, the spine of the cases are different. I knew that the cover would be different, but the spine is also :( Now it looks awkward on my shelf...

Best haircut experience of my life.

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So after school, I decide I want to get a haircut. My barbershop is usually boring and only plays music in the place. I go in and I see a PS3 and a new flatscreen on the wall. I am friends with the owner and I asked why he bought all of this stuff. It seems he loves the PS3 and bought another for the shop.

I was the only one in there at that moment so I sat in the chair. As I am getting confortable, he hands me a PS3 controller and says we are having a Street Fighter 4 tournament and we need one more player. If I win, haircut for free! Of course I accept(having never played SF4 yet) and the torunament begins.

I choose Ken as my character and I was in the first fight. I beat another barber in a two-win match and I moved on to the next round(meanwhile the owner was cutting my hair while I was playing). Four more barbers played and then it was my turn again. We had to choose the same characters so I picked Ken again and began.

I won again(I don't understand how I am winning because I don't know the controls and they have been playing before I got there...) and then the next two barbers played. It was now the final fight and I really wanted this free haircut so I play the last barber and I come out victorious. I was very excited and at ease that I didn't have to fork over a 20 for my haircut.

Lets say it wasn't the greatest haircut I ever got(not bad at all though) but I left still with my money in my wallet and feeling good for winning the tournament. After I left, I immediatly went over to Best Buy and bought Street Fighter 4 and now my wallet is empty :|

And this is my first blog :D